NEW TUNE: Sharam Jey – “What’s Going On” (FREE Download)

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Bring out your fire extinguishers and check your smoke alarms because Sharam Jey has just dropped some hotness, “What’s Going On”. The g-house hit brings the energy from the start and all through the entire track drawing focal points on the deep bass and smooth vocal samples. Grab your free download and get ready to dance!

Listen to Sharam Jey – “What’s Going On” on Soundcloud:

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NEW TUNE: Eliot Lipp – “Telescope” (Feat. Mux Mool) [FREE Download]

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This one is super fresh. Featuring a classic Lipp style beat and a really beautifully tuned sample, this beat is super feel good and catchy. The piano is super great, and of course the synths can’t be touched. Eliot Lipp and Mux Mool get a 10 from us on “Telescope“. There’s not much more we can say about this sick beat that Eliot Lipp can’t say better himself:

“This track came together after an afternoon of digging through records and plugging in old synths. Beatmaker Mux Mool and I have been friends for a long time and we both share an appreciation for moments in music that take us by surprise. This song is about experiencing the beauty of the universe on a human level. Love, Nature, Space; these are all tough subjects to base your art on without being cheesy. Mux and I figured “why not start with cheesy” and there’s nothing cheesier than sampling an 80’s ballad. It’s because of that approach the two of us were able to add a unique musical depth to this song. Hope you guys enjoy.”

Listen to Eliot Lipp (Feat. Mux Mool) – “Telescope” on Soundcloud:

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NEW TUNE: Michal Menert – “Everything Shines” (Forthcoming On ‘Space Jazz’ Out Soon)

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After watching Michal Menert close his recent Detroit show with this track, we have been antsy to learn more, and sure enough, it’s the second single forthcoming on his Space Jazz album and it’s called “Everything Shines”. The chilled out beat and smooth vocals come together in a giant vibe filled puddle of excellent. The Super Best Records head says the following about the tune:

“Everything Shines is an ode to long nights spent losing ourselves in the moment. It’s a look back at the first taste of everything around us shining, at a feeling we chase for the rest of our lives, a split second of tasting something that lingers on our palette forever.”

Listen to Michal Menert – “Everything Shines” on Soundcloud:

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NEW TUNE: Golf Clap – “Recovery Room” (FREE Download)

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Our favorite home dogs Golf Clap have promised a bunch of new free tunes in the coming year from their Country Club Disco label, so they’re kicking it off first with this hot track called “Recovery Room”. The clean house track features the classic Golf Clap vibe and we cannot wait to hear it bumping in the sets of our favorite DJs. Grab your free download and be sure to keep your ears open for more from Golf Clap and Country Club Disco!

Listen to Golf Clap – “Recovery Room” on Soundcloud:

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NEW MIX: Quarter Royce – “Creep Vol. 1 – Waste Watchers” (FREE Download)

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Detroit’s Quarter Royce has dropped a fresh new mix featuring a few original tunes and a few tunes that are just too good not to post! Featuring his signature ‘creepy’ deep bass vibes, the 30-minute flawless mix is perfect for any environment, from the dancefloor to the haunted house (maybe the genre should be called ‘haunted house’ LOL). Check out the mix, be sure to grab your free download, and show Quarter Royce some love!

Listen to Quarter Royce – “Creep Vol. 1 – Waste Watchers” on Soundcloud:

1. Quarter Royce – Waste (unreleased track)
2. Jonas Rathsman – Skepparkrans
3. Dusky – Esperanto Juggler
4. Quarter Royce – Tort
5. Notorious B.I.G. – Can I Get Witcha (Ryan Farber Edition)
6. Shadow Child – So High (Hot Since 82 Remix)
7. Nick Olivetti – Looping Machine
8. Trumpet and Badman – Love Keeps Changing
9. GotSome – Bassline (Amtrac Remix)
10, Quarter Royce – Joey Grecostein

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NEW SHOW: GRiZ Headlines Red Rocks With The All Good Records Squad (Tickets On Sale Friday)



Get ready to get the funk down in one of the premier venues in the entire world, that’s right, GRiZ is headlining Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison Colorado on September 4th with All Good Records mates The Floozies, Manic Focus, Sunsquabi, and MuzzY Bearr! Pre-sale tickets for the venue sold out in under 3 hours today, so you already know this to be a huge show that you can’t miss! With a brand new album, a big World Tour, and a slew of festival dates on his cusps, the momentum is sure to be strong going into September 4th for GRiZ at Red Rocks!!!

Tickets on sale Friday here.
Join the Event Page for Updates here.

Remember when GRiZ played at Red Rocks last???

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NEW TUNE: Bjorn Wolf – “No Future”

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Bjorn Wolf is back with another hot track. This one, “No Future” is a chill track featuring soothing vocal samples and a clean back beat. We are always impressed by Bjorn Wolf!

Listen to Bjorn Wolf – “No Future” on Soundcloud:

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NEW TUNE: Taches – “Yours” (Ft. PB Kaya) [FREE Download]

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Check out this gorgeous track from Barcelona’s Taches and be sure to grab your free download. We know you can’t resist PB Kaya’s beautiful voice!

Listen to Taches – “Yours” (Ft. PB Kaya) on Soundcloud:

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NEW RELEASE: Exmag & Russ Liquid – ‘The Tillamook Sessions’ (2 NEW TUNES) [FREE Download]

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Exmag and Russ Liquid have teamed up to drop The Tillamook Sessions, two funk filled tunes that are considerately named “VCR” and “VHS”. Premiered separately by our friends at and The Untz, we knew we had to share these soulful tunes! Out for free download, today is going to be funking awesome as we blast these songs on repeat!

Download “VCR”
Download “VHS”

Listen to Exmag & Russ Liquid – ‘The Tillamook Sessions’ on Soundcloud:

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NEW TUNE: NGHTMRE & Slander – “Warning” (FREE Download)

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We are excited to hear the first tune from the collaboration of NGHTMRE and Slander. This big track, “Warning” features some massive sounds that are guaranteed to cover the dancefloor with a blanket of extemely high energy. Considering this is the first of four tracks coming out on the upcoming collaboration Nuclear Bonds EP, I think it’s safe to say, this is going to be a big deal for all bass music fans! Be sure to grab your free download!

Listen to NGHTMRE & Slander – “Warning” on Soundcloud:

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