NEWS: ESPN Names Detroit As Finalist For 2013 X Games (Official Video)

936508_487418971332023_1237381665_nWouldn’t it be something if an event the size of X Games came to our hometown of Detroit? Well, the dream may be more of a reality now that Detroit is one of four finalists to be the next host for the Summer X Games in 2014, 15′, and 16′ thanks to Kevin Krease & Garret Koehler who took their passion to the internet and gathered a huge following. There couldn’t be a city who needs an event like this more than Detroit and to see our bid go this far is great. It is time now, to step up to the plate and begin supporting the bid like you couldn’t have thought of. Up against Chicago, Charlotte, and Austin, we have a great chance to show the World that not only is our urban playground the perfect venue for the X Games but our community is the perfect demographic for this event. With the support of seemingly every Detroit representative and business owner, the team has been able to build credit for Detroit and will hopefully soon call this city the proud home of the Summer X Games!

Today, the XGamesDetroit crew released this stunning official video documenting a taste of our urban landscape meshed with insane extreme sports. We hope you find this as amazing as we do and we also hope you can join the cause!

Watch the X Games Detroit Bid Official Video on Youtube:

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