NEWS: Crazed Fan Attacks Treasure Fingers During Bassnectar’s 360 NYE Event

tfGiven it was New Year’s Eve, there is never an excuse to disobey and disrespect a show by attacking the performer. In this case, a crazy (and probably wasted) fan at Bassnectar‘s 360 NYE event in Nashville, TN, climbed on stage and took a dive at the night’s direct support and Atlanta producer Treasure Fingers. Luckily, Treasure Fingers is a boss and can’t be distracted by such a clown. Apparently most the crowd had no clue anything like this happened and all the fans in the crowd were blown away by the night’s music. ┬áCheck out Treasure Finger’s post via Instagram & Twitter from Jan. 1, the morning after the event. We sure hope this guy gets the black list from all future events!

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