NEWS: Bus To Show Takes Intoxicated Drivers Off The Road and Puts Them Safely On The Dancefloor (Interview With The Basic Fund’s CEO)



A couple of weekends ago, I attended The Motet’s Album Release Party in Denver, CO. While walking around checking out the vending tables, I came across a table with the words BUS TO SHOW written on a pamphlet. I was instantly greeted by a beautiful girl named Brielle, who told me all about what Bus to Show is and what this amazing organization does.

Bus to Show (BTS) originally started as a fund raiser for The Basics Fund, a nonprofit corporation that was founded in Colorado. “Bus to Show is a nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing intoxicated driving by organizing eco-friendly, community-integrated and financially-accessible party bus transportation to concerts and other events.” Since 2007, BTS has organized transportation with a safe return for over 10,000 people each year. As a result, DUIs in Boulder alone have decreased by over 30% (that’s a total of 836 DUIs over the course of 3 years). Bus to Show works not only with the fans, but partners with venues, artists, teams, promoters, event planners, media outlets, bus companies, nonprofits, affected community members, and local businesses to bring together and fund safe, environment friendly transportation to and from high risk events.

BTS currently operates in Colorado, Missouri, Texas, Florida, and Chicago. All riders are required to become a member of BTS and members of The Basics Fund ride 100% free. is the direct link for all information including a party bus calendar, links to become a member, a sponsorship page, and even a career and internship page. BTS also provides a “DJ on board” program for their rides, motivated and proud to be a venue for discovering new music, BTS offers up-and-coming artists numerous opportunities to perform in a unique setting, right on the bus!

I had the opportunity to talk with Executive Director of Bus to Show, Dustin Huth. “The ultimate goal is to make Bus to Show a national household name, we are setting the bar high, we want to be up there with the YMCA, a national non-profit role model for us,” he explains. Recently, BTS provided transportation to three of Denver’s 2014 New Year’s Eve festivities, which included safe rides to and from The String Cheese Incident, Umphreys McGee, and Decadence. “Our largest event thus far was Big Gigantic at Red Rocks last fall”, Huth reminisces. “In 2013 alone, we moved 14,000 riders,” he proudly boasts.  More than 50% of Bus to Show riders are college students, as a large support base for BTS exists in Boulder, CO. “We are just trying to make it super easy for people to be safe.”

Spreading the love of the bus, BTS supports other worthwhile causes such as the Humane Society of Boulder Valley, United Way Foothills, Community Art Share, Boulder B-Cycle, and Center for Resource Conservation. In addition, BTS still works with the Basics Fund to raise funds to help pay for upcoming artists’ health insurance. Thrive Nonprofit is another organization working with BTS, as well as Down Syndrome Association of Central Texas.

To get involved with Bus To Show as a passenger, volunteer, or anything in between, visit their website here. Keep your eyes peeled for big things in the Bus To Show future!


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Written by Jess Marie