NEW VIDEO: Potato Will Eat You Premieres ‘BANG!’ (Ft. Skrillex & Boys Noize) and Official Trailer For ‘Blow Your Head’ Series

563068_419616371459959_1930396645_nJust about a week ago, Diplo, Skrillex, and A-trak revealed a new project with the name “Potato Will Eat You“. Packaged with a couple unique Youtube snippets and a very popular hashtag #PotatoWillEatYou, we were itching to know the idea behind this strange little potato character popping up on all of our news feeds. A few days later our speculations were put to rest and we were excited to learn that Potato Will Eat You is a brand new Youtube Music Network that will rival the golden days of MTV. The network will play host to all original video series including titles, “Blow Your Head”, “Cosmo’s Crates”, “Short Cuts”, “Listen Up! With Ralph Moore”, “Video Killed The Radio”, “Big Time #1 Super Adventures With Fat Jew”, and “BANG!” plus tons of video & audio premieres, DJ mixes, and much more. The first videos to be released by the future media hub is the first episode of “BANG!” (features tons of amazing Detroit footage) and a preview of “Blow Your Head” and we are very impressed! We will be keeping our eyes peeled to Potato Will Eat You with hopes that they can restore MUSIC into videos! #PotatoWillEatYou



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