NEW VIDEO: I Am Legion (Noisia and Foreign Beggars) – “Choosing For You” (Rolling Stone Premiere)


Much more complex than any popular style of music right now, I Am Legion, the collaboration project of Noisia & Foreign Beggars, features a super futuristic combination of hip-hop and electronic in their productions. This forward pushing noise is sure to make a splash with every bass & hip-hop head in the world. With their self titled debut album dropping in September, we are stoked to hear the second single from the project (Check out the first one here) in the form of another Tony Truand directed music video (Check out the other 2 here and here). “Choosing For You” comes out on August 19th. You can pre-order the album here.

“We kinda pieced together ideas from two beats Noisia had made to put this one together,” Foreign Beggars’ Metropolis tells Rolling Stone. “I think it’s the only track with a Noisia voice on it. . . The track is about letting the music possess you, as good music should when you hear it.”

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WATCH: I Am Legion (Noisia and Foreign Beggars) – “Choosing For You” (Rolling Stone Premier):

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