NEW TUNES: Skrillex Releases 3-Track “Leaving” EP

5f91c3c6a6de55496f1c63b467d35c6a4650053aSkrillex is absolutely on fire. Non stop touring coupled together with non stop studio time, Skrillex plans to take 2013 and make it his bitch! Starting off the year with an official music video for his song with sweetheart Ellie Goulding “Summit”, Skrillex now surprises us by releasing a three track EP entitled “Leaving” (also the single from the EP along with “Scary Bolly Dub” & “The Reason”). Intended for OWSLA x Skrillex fanclub “The Nest” we are only putting up the tracks to stream. Oh and by the way, these are sounds you may have heard from Skrillex before. ENJOY!

Listen To Skrillex “Leaving” EP on Soundcloud:

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