NEW TUNE: The Postal Service – “A Tattered Line Of String” (Touring 2013, New Music, Reissue Of ‘Give Up’)

2700299-postal-service-teaser-617-409It’s official: The Postal Service will be reissuing their album Give Up on 4/09/2013 in honor of the tenth anniversary of the prolific release. Today, we are able to hear the first tune from The Postal Service since that April of 2003 release. The latest tune, “A Tattered Line Of String” is instant nostalgia to any fan of The Postal Service. Featuring an upbeat feel and a very jammy vibe, the tune still has everything you would want and expect from the legends to be. We are so excited to catch The Postal Service on tour this Summer including festival stops at the giant Coachella and Sasquatch music festivals. The upcoming deluxe reissue release through Sub Pop is expected to have more new music on top of this latest tune. We hope you are as excited as we are! Enjoy:

The Postal Service On Tour

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