NEW TUNE: Sango – “Nujabes Juke” (FREE Download)

artworks-000042758475-lahueb-t500x500I need to start off by stating that Sango’s latest track, released by Soulection, “Nujabes Juke” is getting me way too anticipatory of frolicking in the sunshine until it goes down and then comes up again this summer. Being a Grand Rapids, MI native now living in Seattle, I’m sure the artist can relate – I feel I can actually hear a longing for blue skies and warm breezes between the layers of the song. Although Sango is primarily a hip-hop artist, this track has more of a Euro-lounge feeling to me – of which I am thoroughly enjoying.  I am excited and curious to hear more tracks like this from Sango as temperatures rise and days elongate. Enjoy! Don’t forget to grab your FREE DL and be sure to pour one or two out for the late great Nujabes! RIP!




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 Written by Mish Misch