NEW TUNE: Samples – “Sail Trap” (FREE Download)

When you read the words “Enya” and “trap” in a song title, you know it’s going to be interesting. In Ben Samples’s bootleg remix of the 1988 Enya tune “Orinoco Flow” (Sail Away), the Denver based artist takes on the role of Dr. Jekyll, fusing rotting parts of the grotesque song to create a monster that contains elements of the original evil, but turns out to be a lovable new being for those who can look beyond their initial disgust. A trap monster named Sail Trap.

Samples completely captures the airy, floating melodic vibes of the original track but somehow mixes it flawlessly with the badass rhythm of the dirtiest trap. Only by listening to and watching the music video for the original Enya song does the skill and creativity of Samples’ work in Sail Trap fully become clear. By melding the hideously 80’s chart-topper with brilliant low-down slowed-down trap breaks, Samples almost eliminates the hilarity of the Enya sample, giving us the light and listenable product: “Sail Trap”.

He begins the track with the simplistic and playful melody of Orinoco Flow, but gives it a heartbeat with some cascading snares and bass. He introduces a dubby build that ends with the gospel-esque Enya “ahh” before dropping into the “sail away” sample. Just as the horrible realization that the Enya song really has come back to life sets in, however, Samples forces us to re-imagine the intensely soft song as he builds up and then drops into the hard trap break. The track gets even better from there, eventually using the infectiously upbeat “sail away” sample to inexplicably complement the trap breaks. I dare you not to smile as you get low to this one.

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WRITTEN BY Jenny Hinkle