NEW TUNE: Eliot Lipp – “Telescope” (Feat. Mux Mool) [FREE Download]

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This one is super fresh. Featuring a classic Lipp style beat and a really beautifully tuned sample, this beat is super feel good and catchy. The piano is super great, and of course the synths can’t be touched. Eliot Lipp and Mux Mool get a 10 from us on “Telescope“. There’s not much more we can say about this sick beat that Eliot Lipp can’t say better himself:

“This track came together after an afternoon of digging through records and plugging in old synths. Beatmaker Mux Mool and I have been friends for a long time and we both share an appreciation for moments in music that take us by surprise. This song is about experiencing the beauty of the universe on a human level. Love, Nature, Space; these are all tough subjects to base your art on without being cheesy. Mux and I figured “why not start with cheesy” and there’s nothing cheesier than sampling an 80’s ballad. It’s because of that approach the two of us were able to add a unique musical depth to this song. Hope you guys enjoy.”

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