NEW TUNE: David Heartbreak – “Heartbreak Kush” (FREE Download)


We are excited to light one up to this new tune from David Heartbreak entitled “Heartbreak Kush”. Inspired by smoke sessions & dank buds, David Heartbreak has cooked up a super smokey one for us. Best yet, it’s a free download. Check out what David Heartbreak has to say about the tune and his future projects:

“My Peeps have been asking for more cloud nine, so ive finally decided to go back to that place. I’m happy to say that Ive finished parts 4 & 5 and they’ll be released this year for free. Heartbreak kush is a feeling, that if i could create my own strand, this is the effect it would have or give people. So on that note this one is for the smokers, the vibsters and people who like to just get lost in music.”

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