NEW TUNE: Blood Diamonds – “Barcode” Ft. Dominic Lord (Figure Remix)

artworks-000042787170-u7ocg0-t500x500The Figure remix of Blood Diamonds’ “Barcode” Ft. Dominic Lord has more violent hype and Skrillex flavor than the “sun-dipped” OWSLA artist’s original track. The remix’s quick transitions from the emotive “Nice Sprites” vocals to the “Scary Monsters” bass shocks draw blissful elation and then almost immediately redirect that feeling to rage frenzy in traditional Figure style. He starts with the diamonds and drops right into the blood.

Figure kicks it off with the unaltered airy and gentle Imogen Heap-type vocals from the original “Barcode”, and then quickly builds momentum. Just as the listener begins to wonder where Figure is, around 20 seconds in, he introduces a sort of chopped and screwed vocal sample of Dominic Lord rapping “AK47.” The initial atmospheric vocal melody seamlessly disappears and transitions to a strong drum build that drops into hard and spastic synth and bass madness. Figure doesn’t so much blend the killer sounds with the bright beauty as he juxtaposes them, giving listeners only a few cues with small bites of the soft vocals as to when he will switch back. Figure knew what he was doing when he chose to sample Lord rapping, “You gonna remember this shit, don’t even trip.”

Figure’s remix is one of three on Blood Diamonds’ Barcode EP, released by OWSLA on March 12, 2013. The EP is available on iTunes and Beatport through OWSLA’s website. Blood Diamonds is currently based in LA but spent time in Vancouver where he began experimenting with a distinctly light, indie style of electronic music that is undeniably fresh. Check out his track “Phone Sex” and his Soundcloud for more Blood Diamonds. For more Figure, visit his Soundcloud here.


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Written by Jeannette Hinkle