NEW TUNE: Bassnectar – “Take You Down” (Special Edit) [Pre-Order ‘Take You Down’ EP NOW]


Bassnectar is back and boy is his upcoming release an exciting one! Presenting a mix of new and old, he will be dropping his ‘Take You Down’ EP on Sept. 24th and YOU could be the first to have it by pre-ordering it today. On top of this 5-track release, we get to hear a sneak-peak with his ‘Special Edit’ of the single “Take You Down” released via Soundcloud today! Be sure to check out all the new merch dropping on Bassnectar’s upcoming Immersive Music Tour and be sure to see Bassnectar on tour when he comes through Grand Rapids on October 5th.


LISTEN: Bassnectar: “Take You Down” (Special Edit) on Soundcloud:

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