NEW TUNE: Albert King x DMX – Where The Hood At (Krooked Drivers Remix) [FREE Download]


Krooked Drivers hit straight on with their new remix “Where The Hood At”, which is a reincarnated tune by DMX that he mastered from Albert King’s “I’ll Play The Blues For You”.  KD put their hip hoppin’, electronic, soulful touch to this remix and it sure sounds good to the ears.

“Where The Hood At”  can be  downloaded for free on Krooked Drivers’ Soundcloud along with their lattest EP,  Right Beneath Your Feet.

You can find Krooked Drivers this Saturday at The Fox Theater in Boulder, Colorado when they open up for Robotic Pirate Monkey.  Also, they are part of Denver’s Winter Warmer that includes Michal Menert, The Polish Ambassador, Late Night Radio, Wick-It The Instigator, Archnemesis, Muzzy and so many more artists!

LISTEN & DOWNLOAD: Albert King x DMX – Where The Hood At (Krooked Drivers Remix) on Soundcloud:

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Written by Rogena Ensign