NEW RELEASES: The Polish Ambassador – ‘Ecozoic’ Song Releases (FREE Download)

Future space beat producer, The Polish Ambassador is at it again and he is bringing some new organic sounds in his upcoming album: Ecozoic.  The album will be out on May 7th and a new track will be leaked every Tuesday leading up to the release date.  Four songs have been set free and they are pretty damn golden.  “New Funk Millenium” is a chilled out tune that gives you some of those sexy Superpowers vibes while “Invisible Frontiers” brings you that TPA known glitchy beat.  “Two and a Half Moons Away” features reggae island beats and “Rootshire Revival” blends swing, blues, and hip-hop in that way that only TPA can master.  We aren’t quite sure when Ecozoic will wrap up, but we will continue to keep you posted. Be sure to keep your eyes on The Polish Ambassador every Tuesday! All of TPA’s music is free and can be contained from his Soundcloud, Bandcamp, and website.  You may also donate money towards the music and help keep these tunes radiate down from the mothership.

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WRITTEN BY: Rogena Ensign