NEW RELEASE: Young Heavy Souls ‘Volume One’ Compilation (20-Track FREE Download)



Our friends over at the boutique label and collective, Young Heavy Souls have culminated their first compilation. Based in Detroit, but scattered all across Michigan and elsewhere, Young Heavy Souls is directed by visionary Matt Black who is also a featured artist on the comp. Utilizing YHS as a vehicle to bring together his like-minded pals and peers, Black has been able to produce some outstanding multimedia works including their latest, the Volume One Compilation. Showcasing 20-tracks that charter all territories of underground electronic & hip-hop music, Young Heavy Souls’ Volume One Compilation is guaranteed to broaden, expand, and refine your musical taste. Get ready to welcome Young Heavy Souls and their family into yours 🙂 and be sure to grab your “name your own price” download from Bandcamp, and show the artists on the comp some love!

LISTEN & DOWNLOAD: Young Heavy Souls ‘Volume One’ Compilation on BandCamp:


1. Marcutio – Redline
2. Nortroniks – The Places You Only Go Once 
3. Solvency (Ty Beat & Nunca Duerma) – Meltdown 
4.Duktap – Happy Endings
5.MC Friendly – Simian Slap
6.Vapor Eyes – A.O.A.
7. Nunca Duerma – 8020
8. Eddie Logix – House of Blue 
9. Pastel Arsenal – Cun Gontrol 
10. ∆irjob – boliV∆r tR∆sk
11. Jaws That Bite – Shipwrecked 
12. Heavy Color – Heavy Weather (feat. Yusef Lateef) 
13. Vapor Eyes & Nortroniks – Pack Your Bags 
14. Black & Friendly – Dastardly (feat. Gami)
15.Spencer LeBoeuf & Victoria Emanuela – Oh Yeah
16.∆irjob – b l ∆ k 3 x J P 3
17.Spankalicious – Touch The Sky
18.Ty Beat & Duktap – Buchanan Beach
19.Marcutio – Cloud City
20.jzula – Sky Funeral

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