NEW RELEASE: World’s Fair – ‘Bastards Of The Party’ (Debut Album on Fool’s Gold) [FREE Download]


Fool’s Gold dropping some ill hip-hop:

 “Queens rap collective World’s Fair kick holes in speakers worldwide with their debut album Bastards Of The Party, available now for free download at”

“The album is a futuristic boom-bap collage from six truly unique crew MCs, seamlessly weaving party-crushing cuts like “B.O.T.P.” and “Get Out” alongside raw-nerve confessionals, late night rollers and straight up BARS. From the anthemic “96 Knicks” to the introspective closer “Blacklisted,” Bastards Of The Party is a self-assured, infinitely listenable mission statement heralding World’s Fair’s arrival as the new New York crew to watch.”

LISTEN & DOWNLOAD: World’s Fair – ‘Bastards Of The Party’ on Soundcloud:

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