NEW RELEASE: The M Machine – Metropolis Pt. II (Out Now On OWSLA)

artworks-000041109560-bje143-t500x500Last spring, The M Machine dropped Metropolis Pt. I on their fans. The EP was the breakthrough that the swanky trio needed to reach the levels they are experiencing now. Well deserved, The M Machine have toured the world and gained support from basically the entire dance music scene over the past year. Their sounds and live performances have increased in quality by tenfold yet they are just at the very beginning of the global dance music takeover it seems they have planned. It is now February of 2013 and The M Machine have unloaded Metropolis Pt. II for the world to hear and dance to. The six track EP features the most melodic and well composed tracks that we have heard from an “edm” group in quite some time. The San Francisco based producer threesome take their listeners on a epic voyage of sound and emotion. Producing music that reminds us of old school classical ballads or epic movie scores, The M Machine are on some high energy levels.  It is very evident that The M Machine spent the time to polish and perfect their latest release. You can purchase the EP from any major outlet or have a listen on their Soundcloud page. Either way, make sure you have your volume as loud as it gets. Cheers!


Listen to The M Machine – Metropolis Pt. II on Soundcloud:

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