NEW RELEASE: Sazon Booya – ‘Oye Miami’ EP

artworks-000038832111-ci4kqy-t500x500Sazon Booya has been a staple to the moombahton scene since the beginning. Releasing tracks that have been dropped all across the world, Sazon Booya have reached a level of popularity amongst fellow producers and fans that is nearing prolific. Their tunes are the epitome of moombahton while still achieving to incorporate unique and progressive elements to each of their tracks. The producer duo just released a four track EP entitled Oye Miami and is available to stream on Sazon Booya’s Soundcloud. The EP also features moombah stars like Valentino Khan and others. The tunes are on point and extremely well tailored. Posessing the sounds that get your body moving, they are doing a great job of producing dance music! Cheers!

Listen to  Sazon Booya – ‘Oye Miami’ EP on Soundcloud:

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