NEW RELEASE: Satta Don Dada – “Clot EP” (3-Track FREE Download)

2086072864-1Since we first began going to shows, Satta Don Dada has been a household name in the Detroit electronic and dub music scene. Versatile and original, Satta Don Dada is always surprising us with different sounds through his maturing productions and his top notch performances. Satta Don Dada recently announced the formation of his own label (along with mates Doug Surreal & Dr. I) “Foundation Channel” and will be featuring many releases in the coming year. Satta’s latest release, “Clot EP”, now available for “name your own price” download via Foundation Channel’s Bandcamp, is a straight smoke-a-blunt-in-the-dark comp. Included in the EP are two hot remixes from OKtoRed & Poppa Doses. Satta Don Dada is staying true to the roots of dub and we LOVE it, you will too!

Listen & Download Satta Don Dada – “Clot EP” Now on BandCamp:

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