NEW RELEASE: Munchi – “Press Pause” & “Like, Whatever. IDC #Shrug” (FREE Download)

MUNCHIWell, Munchi is one of absolute favorite producers for many reasons with number one being the fact that he just doesn’t give a shit about what people expect or think of his music. He makes what he wants and generally his tunes are hits. Respected by almost every DJ in the game, Munchi is versatile and on the rise. His latest tunes, dropped as a pair, “Press Pause” & “Like, Whatever. IDC #Shrug” are on point. Check out what he has to say about the tracks and grab your FREE download:


What’s up? I’m Munchi. What is your name? I making this just now eh! In no time!
I’m a producer and I make music. I making next big hit eh. Commercial hit eh!
Boem! Numero 1, mucho dinero! Buy nice car, big house, big chain!
WOW! BRIBIM! David Guetta having nothing on me eh!

Sometimes you just gotta ‘Press Pause’ *wink* *wink* you feel me.
You feels what I’m saying yo eh?
You feelsing yo what imma say eh?
Imma yo saysing feel, you what. eh?


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