NEW RELEASE: “Moombahton Forever” Compilation (17-Track FREE Download)

artworks-000037873046-otdnq0-t500x500Today is the day that T&A Records drops Moombahton Forever compilation on the world. Premiered with a preview mix from Craze last week, the full release (available for purchase or for FREE download) is packed with the innovators, leaders, and up and comers of the fresh genre, including the genre’s founding father, Dave Nada and his project Nadastrom plus GTAMunchiDillon FrancisTorro TorroETC! ETC!Tittsworth,Sazon Booya and many more, . Featuring 17 tunes, the retail version is included with a couple special bonus tracks. We are hoping this is just the first installment of a compilation with a bright future. Make sure to grab your copy and spread the word that Moombahton is here to stay!!


Listen and Download “Moombahton Forever” Compilation on Soundcloud:

1. Snake Juice – Nadastrom, Billy the Gent & Long Jawns
2. Killa – Aggro Kids (Heartbreak & Rell the Soundbender)
3. Club – 219 Tittsworth
4. Mami Whine It Up – Kingman Fire (Pickster & Melo)
5. Vibracion – Sabo, Teenwolf & Shelco
6. Alerta – GTA
7. How Y’all Feel – Craze
8. La Jungla – Sazon Booya & Aglory
9. Savage Beauty – Bro Safari & UFO!
10. Eat It (Original Mix) – Valentino Khan & ETC!ETC!
11. Beautician 2.0 – Dillon Francis (retail only)
12. La Brasilena Ta Montao feat. Angel Doze – Munchi (retail only)
13. Deth – LeDoom
14. Gotta Know – Torro Torro
15. Dibby Dibby – Jay Fay
16. Da Wheel Klamp – Nick Thayer & DJ Yoda
17. Sueños – DJ Ayres

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