NEW RELEASE: Michal Menert – ‘Space Jazz’ (15 Track Studio Album Out Now On Super Best Records) [FREE Download]



One of our favorite producers, and easily one of the greatest dudes in the electronic music scene, Michal Menert, has come great lengths as an artist since his beginnings along side Pretty Lights and the PLM label. Menert’s growth has never been as evident as it is in his just released album; Space Jazz. This 15-track album melds genres into a beautiful, fully brimming composition that incites emotions of all types while listening through the full release. From the astral, tripped out track, “High Orbit“, which features 1/2 of Break Science, Borahm Lee, to the positive and bright tune, “New Dawn“, featuring fellow Super Best mates Paul Basic, Marcello Moxy, and AC, Space Jazz has a great flow and is easily at the top of our favorites in the Michal Menert catalog. It’s truly been a long time in the making, and you can hear the tremendous amount of work, love, blood, sweat, and tears poured into this album. Have a listen, grab a download, and most importantly share the album with your friends!

Space Jazz features vocals and verses from KEEPLOVE?, Jubee, RA the Rugged Man, C1, as well is fellow instrumentalists; Dominic Lalli on sax, Borahm Lee on synths, AC Lao on drums, Colby Buckler on drums, Sam Goodman on violin, Jordan Polovina on cello, Will Glazier on trumpet, Dan De Lisle on trombone & flute, Matt Van Den Hewel on guitar, Marcelo Moxy on bass, Greg Dubin on trumpet, plus co-production and cuts from JK Soul, Manic Focus, DJ Fundo,  SuperVision, and The Beatserver.


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