NEW RELEASE: Knife Party – ‘Haunted House’ EP (OUT NOW)

artworks-000047330820-l5wpop-t500x500Okay, take every pre-conceived notion you have of Knife Party and throw them out the window. It is time for a re-vamped Knife Party and they are expressing their new sounds through their latest and greatest Haunted House EP available now on all major outlets. The four track EP features tunes that show a new side to the Knife Party project. Featuring sounds that remind us of how much we love to dance, Knife Party has taken a journey through the electro-house side of dance music. The first three tunes of the EP are a roller coaster of bass, 4×4 breaks, and insanely technical synth progressions. The final track, a variation in production of their hit tune “Internet Friends” reminds us of how much damage Knife Party can influence on a sold-out sweaty crowd. When Knife Party comes on the speakers, it’s time to get down!


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