NEW RELEASE: HeRobust – ‘Busted House’ EP (FREE Download)

artworks-000042147451-89h1hx-t500x500HeRobust has been on the bass music radar for sometime now, but some of his most recent singe releases, “Turn Ape” and “Cosmo Def“, have proven that he has developed his own signature glitchy trap sound that sets his music aside from other progressive trap and bass music producers. HeRobust takes it to the next level with his new Busted House EP, an experimental merger of trapped up club sounds.

The EP’s opener, “Flossed N Found”, welcomes us with the “damn son, where’d ya find this” sample that has been a staple of trap since it was originally used by DJs for hip-hop mixtapes “back in the day”. Although the sample may typically foreshadow driving 808 percussion and heavy bass throughout the EP, don’t expect the same style and sounds as the singles he released preceding this EP. Both “Flossed N Found” and “Arnold Facepalmer” have a club banging steady 4×4 beat, something we didn’t see much in his last ep, OG Status, and with the tune “Arnold Facepalmer” coming in at 128 bpm it probably best exemplifies the Busted House name. “Girls Gone Wildebeest” features some of the sounds we know and love from Mr. HeRobust, making a statement with some  ultra glitchy bass hits and all sorts of sounds & samples perfectly arranged into organized chaos on the top. “Assault N Pepa” starts and ends with a super dirty break beat, and has some aggressive bouncing bass sandwiched in the middle.

The Busted House EP, and all of the HeRobust music mentioned can be found for free on his soundcloud. HeRobust is in the midst of a nationwide tour, you can and should catch him rolling through a venue near you!


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Written By Peter Palmer