NEW RELEASE: Freddy Todd – “Golden Tremendous” (9-Track Album Out Now On Lowtemp) [FREE Download]



Guess who’s back with yet another proper installation into his catalog of smashing albums. That’s right, it’s the production horse Freddy Todd and his newest baby is a masterpiece to say the least. Culminating over the past year or so, Golden Tremendous, the 9-track studio album out now on Gramatik’s Lowtemp record label, spans across the list of genres and barrels past into a sound all in it’s own. Freddy Todd has created nine songs that individually and collectively showcase his abilities to build a style that is truly innovative and futuristic. Packed with synthesizers designed to seek extra terrestrials, and kicks that would flatter any car’s system, Golden Tremendous is a big one.

The album opens with the funky tune “Fastenator, Get Up” that brings the classic F.T sound back into our lives instantly with the simple press of the play button. From there, Freddy carries us into “Let Me (Awesome)” and a single from the album, “TimeBeings” featuring the horns of Lowtemp labelmate Russ Liquid. Then there’s “The Jestler”, an inspiring, beautiful ballad featuring piano chords and a broken beat that makes you ponder the world (what else is out there, how did we get here, and what’s next???). It’s there when Freddy Todd reintroduces us to his future funk sound on “Tread Jello”, an energetic and sub heavy track.

My favorite tune off the album is “Infinitesimal”. The tune is very hard not to vibe to. Featuring a kinetic synth line, the tune put’s you on an electric ride through Tron’s grid and into Freddy Todd’s intergalactic brain. Woah.

The album concludes with a perfectly re-mastered version of his tune “Wave Therapy” and another glitched out hit “Glove Coast Cruise Control”. All in all, Golden Tremendous is a 10 in my book and will easily stay in the front of my listening rotation for quite some time. Better yet, the album is FREE to download direct from Freddy’s website: 

Be sure to show some support and share the album with EVERYONE! Much love and enjoy the new tunes!

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