NEW RELEASE: Freddy Todd – Codes Unraveled: The Remix Album (Featuring SuperVision, Ill-Esha, Vibesquad, Elfkowitz, Mr. Bill, & Ru) + BONUS Freddy Todd – “Winter Defroster” Remix By MuzzY [OUT NOW]



If you didn’t already know, Freddy Todd is hands down one of our favorite producers ever. Stopping at nothing to explore the depths of electronic music production, Freddy has created a sound unique to himself. Exploding with deep punching bass and intergalactic glitch sounds, Freddy has injected a new noise into the underground, and fans rejoice. Always putting out new material, Freddy has blessed our ears with a large catalog of releases including three conceptual albums, Neon Spectacle Operator (2011), Painting In A Silent Eternity (2011), and Sick In The City, Alive In The Woods (2012), along with over a dozen EPs, collaboration albums, and mixes.

Now, on the cusps of unveiling his fourth studio album all while keeping a busy touring schedule, Freddy has managed to get some friends together to drop an insane collection of remixes via Codes Unraveled: The Remix AlbumOut now on Simplify Recordings, the six-track release features twisted re-works of classic FT tunes from SuperVision, Ill-Esha, Vibesquad, Elfkowitz, Mr. Bill, & Ru. On top of the album, MuzzY has also joined in on the remix fun and dropped his rework of Freddy Todd’s hit “Winter Defroster” via his Soundcloud page. The refreshing take on the tunes are great and will definitely feed our Freddy Todd fix  for now. We suggest having a listen and grabbing a copy of the remix album for yourself!

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