NEW RELEASE: Exmag – ‘Proportions’ (Debut Album) [FREE Download]



Gramatik’s Low Temp Labels’ funkiest boys from Brooklyn, aka Exmag got together and recently released their debut full-length album Porportions. Eric Mendelson, Tyler Dondero also know as SuperNicer, Mike Iannatto, Denis Jasarevic more popularly known as Gramatik and Bryn Bellomy also known as ILLUMNTR, locked themselves in a studio somewhere in Brooklyn to make 18 tracks of soulful sex jazz. Prepare yourself for over an hour of beautiful baby making beats.

Strap on your boogie boots & get ready to introduce your ears to a sexy mixture of future-rock-seventies-soul music. While listening to Proportions, you will notice that Exmag does a great job rounding up, and highlighting each of the artists’ talents. Joining the group on the freshman album are features from friends Russ Liquid, Kianu, D-smooth, Jason Huber, Jesus, plus multi-track artists Branx and GIBBZ. The bossman GIBBZ went to school for audiosynthesis engineering, and helped bring that funky sound to this album, as well as feature credits on 3 songs.

Exmag starts the album out with a smooth cadence paired with tender voices on “True Love From the Future”. The groovy track “Persian Temptress” makes you believe you’re a Disco Diva strutting your stuff at the club. I imagine this song as a soundtrack to an old, accurate, and cocaine-filled, disco era flick.

Songs like “#SuperNicer”,“Zan”, and “Junk In That Thang”, all have such amazing electric guitar, and heavy heart filled bass parts. They will make you want to either grab your partner and head to the dace floor… OR the bedroom!

Give It To Me Quick” gets you drunk on funk while bringing you into “Fresh Prince Situation” featuring Jason from Cherub on guitar with ILLUMNTAR and GIBBZ serenading the ladies with their vocals. Lastly, I’d like to touch on my personal favorite “NuFunk Odyssey” where the slapping of soulful strings takes control of your mind and body to lock you in to the 1970’s funky mindset. What an album!!!

Keep your sexual vibes flowing and blame Exmag if they knock you up with their electronic-soul-funk.

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Written by Melanie Haas