NEW RELEASE: Emancipator ‘Dusk to Dawn’ (LoCi Records) [10-Track Album Out Now]

artworks-000037857720-tqehpm-t500x500It is clear that Emancipator‘s heart and soul went into producing his newest and fourth full length album Dusk to Dawn which dropped today on his newly formed LoCi Records. The album features a revamped Emancipator sound, a bit more electric, much more worldly, and much more mature. We have been huge Emancipator fans since we first heard his tunes a few years ago. Since then we have listened to the Emancipator sound develop and morph into the smoothest combinations of electro, instrumentals  percussion, and all different elements and styles of production.

It is a pleasure to listen to Emancipator and it is something we here at Curated Music partake in often. The album showcases 10 brand new beautiful, original studio tracks and includes collaborations and features from many artists like D.V.S. contributing guitar, and Dominic Lalli of Big Gigantic contributing saxophone to tracks. Of course, the infamous strings of Ilya Goldberg can be heard on quite a few of the tracks. We are falling in love with Emancipator all over again.

In the midst of his huge Winter Tour with support from Tor, Mux Mool, Eliot Lipp, and others, the Portland based producer has truly put the album title ‘Dusk to Dawn’ to real meaning, staying up through the night, show after show, with violinist and right hand man Ilya Goldberg to perfect the album and add the finishing touches. It is exciting to be able to listen to tracks this fresh. Be sure you listen and grab your copy of Emancipator’s new album, Dusk to Dawn out now on LoCi Records. Cheers!

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