NEW RELEASE: Booka Shade – ‘Haleshop’ EP (3-Track FREE Download)

Booka Shade first unveiled their newest workings with the single from the EP in the first week of the New Year. Now, they drop the full 3-track EP entitled Haleshop on our ears! We are excited to dig into the first official release from Booka Shade in quite some time. Giving us the unique typical Booka Shade vibes, this album changes it up a bit and adds much more of those techy noises that Booka Shade fans have grown to love. The pulsating beats and flowing sounds encompass all that is Booka Shade. We hope to hear announcements from the Booka Shade camp on a potential World Tour and more festival dates soon. For now, we will be dancing to the new funk that the electro duo has dropped on us.


Listen and Download Booka Shade – Haleshop EP on Soundcloud:

1. Haleshop
2. Chateau Rouge
3. Karrera

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