NEW MUSIC VIDEO: Dada Life – “So Young So High”

dadalifeBanana men Dada Life are on top of the world right now. Their popularity is skyrocketing and their productions are unique and larger than life. Living up to their motto, “This is Dada Land. Get ready to arrive beautiful and leave ugly”, Dada Life puts on one of the most energetic shows in the industry. With a successful 2012 headlining tour and dozens of huge festival sets, the duo released the highly anticipated “The Rules Of Dada” in October of 2012. The single of the album, “So Young So High” is an instant ‘stuck-in-your-head’ hit. It makes sense that Dada chose to produce a music video for the beautiful tune. Released today, the last day of 2012, it reminds us here at Curated Music to stay young, and stay high. Happy New Year!

Watch Dada Life’s new music video for “So Young So High”:

Listen to “So Young So High” on Soundcloud:

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