NEW MIX: Late Night Radio – ‘Grassroots California Mixtape’ (The 710 Cup Edition)

artworks-000045362659-zvqn4m-t500x500This mini mix from Late Night Radio will give you a great idea of what this badman is all about. Prepping for a hefty Summer, Late Night Radio, or LNR, recorded this mini-mix (racking up a fitting 7 minutes and 10 seconds) for his upcoming gig at Grassroots California and Hitman Glass Summer Festival, The 710 Cup. We hope to hear more mixes like this one from other artists on the lineup! For now, we will be bumping this mix from LNR! Read a bit more from GRC:

“Grassroots California is proud to present a special 710 Cup Preview/Mixtape by Alex Medellin aka Late Night Radio.
Late Night Radio is more than just a name its an idea. Bringing together energy & emotion Alex Medellin not only moves dance floors but imaginations. His deep admiration for early soul, funk & jazz results in an eclectic fusion which brings together everything from hard bass, to hip hop drums and organic instrumentation.”

Be sure to grab your tickets to The 710 Cup because this is an event you do not want to miss!

Listen to Late Night Radio – ‘Grassroots California Mixtape’ (The 710 Cup Edition) on Soundcloud:

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