FESTY NEWS: What Exactly Will Ultra Music Festival Announce Tomorrow? (Daft Punk Rumors, Potential New Venue)

302754_10151466321392739_1249863729_nLike we expected, Ultra Music Festival wouldn’t be able to go the Summer without making yet another splash in what is already a super successful year for the massive festival brand. Yesterday, the Ultra Music Festival Facebook page posted a picture of a countdown clock accompanied by only the image above reading “Tick Tock Tick Tock…” and the text “Thursday May 2 // 1pm EST”. Keeping their plans wrapped as tight as Fort Knox, we are able to speculate on a few different possible announcements.

First & least exciting of our theories, there is a chance that Ultra Music Festival will be announcing a date for 2014 ticket sales. Last year, we witnessed UMF 2013 begin campaigning as early as May with street teamers passing out “teaser” flyers. We wouldn’t be surprised if they ignore the 11 months in between their event and begin promoting like it is happening next week.

Another outcome could be a possible venue change. With problems at Bayfront Park between the city, citizens, committees  and so on, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise to hear that Ultra Music Festival 2014 will play host to a new home. In either case, we think you can count on UMF keeping the festival in Miami.

NOW, the biggest stretch out of all of our theories… Daft Punk. With 2013 presenting one of the largest electronic lineups ever of any music festival, UMF 2014 has to pull out some big explosions to top the following years. Not only would this be the perfect time for Daft Punk to announce the performance, but this would make a ton of sense seeing as Daft Punk’s album, Random Access Memories, will drop on May 21st. Just a tad bit too late for any rumored 2013 appearance, but perfect for an early Spring 2014 headline takeover. Last month, Ultra Music Festival tweeted a slight hint (SEE BELOW) at hosting Daft Punk at the 2014 fest, but then again, so has basically every other festival under the sun.


At least we don’t have to wait too long to find out what is behind these teaser posts from America’s largest dance music festival. Stay tuned to Ultra Music Festival’s social media pages tomorrow, Thursday, May 2nd, at 1pm EST and keep posted to Curated Music for all of your festival news!

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