FESTY NEWS: The 8th Annual Gem & Jam Festival Preview (PERFORMANCE SCHEDULE OUT NOW) [Tickets Still Available]



Each winter, Tucson, Arizona plays host to one of the world’s largest and most highly regarded gem shows. People from across the globe come to buy, trade, and sell any type of crystal, mineral, gem, or rock you can imagine. The event as a whole is arguably centered around the Tucson Gem & Mineral Society’s show, but it’s much larger than that, with many of the best deals being found at hotels and motels that vendors transform into on-the-go market places. There is never a dull moment in Tucson during the Gem Show, but the highlight for music lovers is easily Gem & Jam Festival, a three day music and arts festival.

The 8th annual Gem & Jam is bringing a stacked music line up to Tucson, as well as a slew of world-class artists and vendors. The line up was well thought out, all the artist have a sound that will blend beautifully with the mystical desert atmosphere, but remain diverse enough to serve all parts of your musical palate; Mimosa throwin’ down some speaker-shaking trap, Purity Ring taking listeners for a perfectly slow ride with dreamy, 808, ambient pop, and Motet and Boombox will most certainly be keeping it funky. Some of last year’s favorites will be returning as well, including Thriftworks, Random Rab (with the addition of his live band this year), Russ Liquid, and Flying Skulls (who’s set this year will be along side Abstract Rude). Another exciting trait of this line up is the emphasis Pretty Lights Music artists like Eliot Lipp, Paul Basic, and Supervision who are all going to bring it to the next level. And just in case that’s not enough elctro hip hop for you Marvel Years and Krooked Drivers will be doing it up proper. Festivalgoers will get a chance to see some Arizona talent with the Prescott jam band Spafford.

Gem & Jam is far from just a music festival. It features live painters and vendors selling high-end gem/mineral specimens,  jewelry, and art. The legendary Alex Grey, and his wife Allyson, will once again be gracing the Gem & Jam stage. Other favorite painters from last year, Jonathon Solter and the Welch Brothers, will be making their return to Tucson. If you’re on the market for a new wrap some of the most respected names in the community, including The Crown Collection and Cut Edge Kings, will be vending at the festival. All in all, the amount of creative energy found in Tucson during Feb. 7-9 is unreal and surely something not to be missed. Tickets are on sale along with packages that include hotels.

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