FESTY NEWS: The 5 A’s Of Sonic Bloom 2015: Art, Artists, Activities, Ambience, & Awareness



Sonic Bloom kicks off in just a couple days and we could not be more excited to get out to Colorado’s Hummingbird Ranch and onto the Unified Field for the 10 Year Family Reunion of the beautiful festival. We would like to share our excitement with our readers by presenting The Five A’s Of Sonic Bloom below:


1. Art

Art is a huge aspect of Sonic Bloom Festival. With live painting scheduled from notable artists like Android Jones, Ember, and Kaylah Zuli just to name a few, there is definitely no shortage of creation at the festival. Keep your eyes peeled to watch these beautiful pieces of art in the making.


2. Artists

From STS9 and Shpongle, to Talib Kweli and Caspa, there is a bit of everything for everyone at Sonic Bloom. Of course it wouldn’t quite be Sonic Bloom without veteran artists like Emancipator, Zilla, and the homies Unlimited Aspect leading the bill. The whole lineup is stacked with great artists and with true festival style, we are sure to see some crazy surprise ‘sit-ins’ many of the instrumentalists at the fest.


3. Activities

As if the music isn’t enough to get you out to Sonic Bloom, there’s more to do at Sonic Bloom than most festivals. Specifically the yoga schedule is one of the most impressive and inclusive out of all the festivals this Summer. Whether you’re an expert or just beginning, get involved, kick off your shoes, and enjoy some of the extra flow activities that Sonic Bloom has planned.


4. Ambience

You can’t really beat the ambience of Sonic Bloom Festival. With dozens of impressive art installations and gallery zones, the festival submerges you into a beautiful escape from the everyday surroundings and offers up a much more stimulating experience. Make sure you set a good chunk of time to wander around the festival and see all the nooks and crannies.


5. Awareness

Sonic Bloom Festival is not just here to party, as it would be neglectful of what is really important in this world, and to spread this positive awareness, Sonic Bloom has scheduled amazing speakers and workshops throughout the weekend. Featuring artists, activists, and creators, the sessions will cover many topics and are a great way to spend your day.

Sonic Bloom is going to be a great festival, and we hope to see you there! Get your tickets here.

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