FESTY NEWS: Save The Date! All Good Festival Returns to West Virginia in 2015




Rejoice! Rejoice! Arguably the best (in the completely subjective opinion of this writer and festival goer) Summer music festival is back after taking the year off in 2014.

Many tears were shed and wooks joined together in cuddle puddle of sadness when All Good announced the haitus, but hope remained knowing that the festival of almost two decades now would not let them down, and would, in fact, be back, and possibly better than ever.

It looks like our prayers were answered and it feels like Christmas morning to many as we woke up to the news that All Good has set dates in Summit Point, West Virginia at the beautiful Berry Hill Farm (About 90 minutes due west of Baltimore).


All Good, fittingly, has consistently had the best overall atmosphere and positive vibes of any festival I’ve been to in the last five years, but has been marred with a string of bad luck, tensions with property owners, and even attendee deaths in 2011 and 2013.

The lineup is always a perfectly eclectic mix of rock, folk, bluegrass, jam, funk, soul, and electronic with the two main stages being side by side with essentially interlocking sets to ensure you don’t have to rush across festival grounds to catch one band while missing 3 others. Attendees have the time and frame of mind to simply relax and enjoy the music that is brought to them.

I speak for many when I say All Good will be the highlight of your 2015 Summer festival season. Do yourself a favor: mark your calendars.

We’ll see you in West Virginia!


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