FESTY NEWS: Our Top 5 Reasons Why Movement Electronic Music Festival Reigns Supreme (2015 DATES ANNOUNCED!)



Movement Electronic Music Festival in Detroit is tradition. Each Memorial Day weekend, joined by oceans of dance music fans, we head into Hart Plaza to celebrate the history, present, and future state of electronic music. With accolades distinguishing the festival as one of the best in the entire world, there is no question that Movement is far more than your average music festival. The 2014 edition of Movement was certainly no exception. To prove it, we want to give you our “Top Five Reasons You Can’t Miss Movement”.

5. After Parties

During Memorial Day weekend, Detroit is transformed into a scaled version of Miami Music Week. It’s really tough to walk a block without hearing the thumping of subwoofers bleeding through the doors of every venue, bar, restaurant, hotel, and even liquor store. With themed parties presented by various labels and agencies, some after events build lineups that rival a day at Ibiza. Between the hours of Midnight and noon, Detroit plays hosts to some truly jaw dropping parties. Some highlights from this year are Soul Clap‘s monumental collaborative set with George Clinton at T.V Lounge, Art Departments’ extended set during their Flying Circus party at the Leland City Club, and the surprise performance from GRiZ during the Liberated x Lowtemp Showcase at the Majestic.

Photo Credit-Douglas Wojciechowski

Photo Credit-Douglas Wojciechowski

4. The People

Movement welcomes EVERYONE. There is an amazing feeling of inclusion during the festival. Gender, race, and financial statuses are irrelevant. The only thing that matters is the music. There’s nothing better than getting lost in the tunes with your best friends, re-connecting with old pals, and establishing new found connections with the other 100,000+ familiar attendees. There is never a shortage of smiles.

3. Celebrate

The festival gives fans an opportunity to celebrate the history of Electronic Music in the actual birthplace of techno. The virtue of booking acts based on musical significance and not popularity is something that has taken Movement to the top. You won’t find any headliner tossing cakes into the crowd during Movement. On top of that, the fact that the festival has been operating (in various forms) in the exact same location for nearly 15 years, and the dedication to the festival from certain electronic music trail-blazers like Richie Hawtin & Kevin Saunderson, really solidifies Movement’s importance to dance music. Plus, it’s Memorial Day weekend, take a few minutes to look around you, and thank the men and women who served our country. Without them, there’s a good chance we wouldn’t be free to dance all day & night in a park to our own wonders.

2. OUR City

Detroit is in desperate need for some positive attention. Quite frankly, there isn’t much left here in this magnificent city doomed by blight, crime, and poverty. From the dust though, there will always be the survivors. There will always be the community that continues to push on and persevere. That is Movement Electronic Music Festival. Even for just one weekend, our city is alive again. Try and book a hotel room anywhere in the city during Movement, you can’t. The streets are bustling with people sprawling across the area bringing about commerce, traffic, and most importantly; excitement. Movement traditionally brings over 100,000 people to our city and that is simply beautiful!

Flosstradamus - Photo Credit- Joe Gall

Flosstradamus – Photo Credit- Joe Gall

1. The Music

Movement prides itself on it’s lineup. Year after year, we find ourselves in awe of the stacked list of performers. The festival creates the perfect setting for incredibly memorable sets. Artists are always inclined to bring their A-game. Discovering new music at Movement is always essential. The long list of up-and-comers that Movement has uncovered years before they grew into dance music powerhouses is incredible. Every unknown artist is an opportunity to fall in love with music all over again. In a world full of stale and recycled music festival lineups, Movement offers a unique, and extremely refreshing break from the normal.

Movement Electronic Music Festival takes place in Downtown Detroit each Memorial Day Weekend in Hart Plaza. We hope to see you next year at Movement Electronic Music Festival 2015 on May 23rd, 24th, and 25th!

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