FESTY NEWS: Electric Forest 2013 To Upgrade Size Of Sherwood Forest As ‘Plug In’ Program Allows For More Art (Human Avatar Re-Cap Video)

Screen-Shot-2013-02-20-at-4.52.10-PMIt looks like fans attending Electric Forest this June are in for a special treat. For the first time since the opening of the Double JJ Ranch as a festival site, the infamous Sherwood Forest will be expanding in size! In honor of the upgrade, the festival has invited artists from all over the globe to participate in the Electric Forest 2013 ‘Plug In’ Program. The program gives participants the chance to have their proposed art installation sponsored and showcased by the festival. Planning on only granting one winner, the support for the program was evidently overwhelming leaving the Plug In team with the chance to select a few more winners. Beginning with The Cerebrum of Sherwood Forest, the first selection, the team will now select 3 new installations to join the Cerebrum creation which is the brainchild of Imago Collective.

Today we are excited to announce the second winner to become sponsored. The Electric Garden installation spawned from the unique and creatively charged minds of Laura Edelman and Dave Sumberg or otherwise known as Das’LaLa. The installation is “an interactive, electronic, touch-sensitive garden that glows brightly upon human touch”. Described as an electroluminescent field, The Electric Garden is guaranteed to be the perfect addition to The Sherwood Forest. We are super stoked to see what the rest of the winners have in store for us.

Electric Forest 2013 is taking place in Rothbury, Michigan from June 27th-30th. To learn more about the Plug In program click here. Tickets are on sale now and moving swiftly. For more information and for the full music lineup check out our link here! We hope to see you in the Forest!!

Watch Electric Forest’s Human Avatar Project From 2012 on Youtube:

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