FESTY NEWS: Decadence NYE Artist Spotlight



With a line up full of successful artists, I would like to spotlight some of my favorites. Make sure to check them all out and follow up after to find out my review of there set. Be sure to check out our festival preview, and make sure you also grab tickets to DECADENCE NYE, the largest New Years Party in Colorado, and a certified rager. I can’t wait to be out in the Rockies and I hope my excitement is evident through this spotlight. Hope you enjoy the tunes as well! Cheers!! Happy NEW YEAR!


Nervo, made up of Mim & Liv Nervo, have been on the a jet stream of success since there teen years. Hailing from Australia, the girls took their talents of writing and vocals in the pop world to dance music scene. Since then they have brought us hit singles with Ke$ha and Kylie Minogue and unforgettable remixes with superstars like Thirty Seconds from Mars and Katy Perry. Then they hit Grammy status when they teamed up with David Guetta and Kelly Rowland with “When Love Takes Over.” These girls are no joke! They enjoy writing for others, but when they finally teamed up to create their own sound they reached headliner status at festivals and tours all around the world in no time. They will be spending NYE with us in Denver, but then depart for a string of shows in Mexico, Columbia, Guatemala , Ecuador and Panama. It looks like we will have a new record from the twins before festival seasons picks up again in 2014. Keep eyes out for these two.

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12th Planet
With a name coming from a story of creation found written on clay tablets in a language called Cuneiform you can imagine 12th Planet brings sounds out of this world to our ears to enjoy. Only jumping to my attention recently with a show at Beta in Denver this past fall, 12th Planet has been a on the scene since 2006 among the explosion of EDM artist’s like Skrillex, Kill the Noise, and Datsik. He has teamed up with this entourage of artists and with the nickname of “US Dubstep Godfather” I am excited to see what kind of energy he will bring to the NYE crowds at Decandence.

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Starting with a passion of Hip Hop beats only to grow into the creatation of some dubstep bangers, Datsik is a pioneer of the North American Dubstep scene. His raw flavor brings out his love for Hip Hop Legends like the Wu Tang Clan and the screw up on accident grudge sound that keeps us on our toes. He has been touring for most the fall now and with 2 months left of his Digital Assassins Tour he looks to continue to showcase Firepower Records. Datsik is an artist for the fans and follows the same philosophy as many others on this Decadence lineup and gives out his music for free, for that we praise him and recommend you get him in your ears ASAP!

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break science

Break Science
Break Science will be bringing their livetronica act onto the Bass Arena stage Monday, December 30th. Break Science have always had a special place in my heart and fulfill my love for live percussion. The duo’s latest album “Seven Bridges” is a must download, but you’re in for a real treat if you experience them live. This duo’s energy is always electric and a recommendation for fans worldwide. Also available in proper PLM fashion they release there music for free. To download “Seven Bridges” click HERE. 

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2013 was a huge year for TJR.  His single ‘Ode to Oi’ was ubiquitous at all the festivals this summer, seriously I heard it played by headliners all summer. His next single, ‘What’s Up Suckaz’ quickly topped the Beatport’s overall #1 spot (his second) and he rocked crowds all over the US again! He has played shows at Hard Summer, Made In America, Sun City, and the Rising Tour with label-mates Chris Lake and Nom De Strip whom together make up the cast of Raising Music. He is an artist I’m personally exited to see and experience live for the first time.

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Paul Basic
On NYE Paul Basic will be joining the Pretty Lights-led Illumination Arena stage just before another PLM favorite, SuperVision. I’ve been told that live, Paul really brings out his deep and darker side of electro-soul. If this is the case I know that the Illumination Arena crowd will all be in for a treat. His sound has really evolved with his new LP “Transient Horizons” which came out earlier this month. (Download HERE) With his recent success, 2014 really looks like the year full the PLM artists.

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Supervision (3 of 4)

Well I said it before I said and I’ll say it again, SuperVision is my favorite artist on PLM. A native of Dallas, TX he brings us a futuristic electronic hip hop beat with superior production quality. His touring and festival appearances have been getting bigger and bigger. 2014 will lead to even more success and more chances to fans around the US to experience his sound. Download his latest EP “Telekinetic” HERE and enjoy.

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Keys N Krates
Live Electronic Instrumentation at it finest. Adam Tune on the sticks, Synth and Keyboard Pro David Matisse, and turntable magician Jr. Flo together make up a musical threesome that call themselves Keys N Krates. I first stumbled upon there sound at there sound check at a festival in Detroit. They won me over only messing around on stage at 9am and there performance later that day really blew me away. They recently joined up with Steve Aoki and Dim Mak Records, but have worked alongside artists like Diplo, Major Lazer, Flosstradamus, and TNGHT. Keys N Krates are on the verge of musical greatness and it will be very exciting to see their music morphing powers in full swing at Decadence.

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th (3)Odesza
First timers to Denver, Odesza, the production duo made up of Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight are looking to blow you away crowds this year at Decadence. With sound described as a delicate balance between dreamy sun trickled melodies, glitched out vocals, crunchy drums and large sweeping basslines, I promise you they will get you moving with there sound. They have been on the road with Michal Menert & the Space Jazz tour this past fall and have a month with Emancipator Esnsemble and Real Magic to look forward to in the coming new year. Look for them to be in the mix with festivals through out the US this summer. For our Michigan Family, they have a shows at the Intersection and Crowfoot to look forward too!

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