FASHION: Black Milk Clothing – Exclusive Interview (Pretty Lights Collaboration, Future Projects, Selfies, & More)

MademoiselleB-BlackMilkBursting into the fashion world with an unexpected explosion, Black Milk Clothing is growing rapidly. Founded in 2009 in  Brisbane, Australia by James Lillis, the unique legging and tights company has since been doing things differently than the rest. Determined to find a solid plan for his future, Lillis took empty pockets and a great attitude and turned it into a sewing machine and a single pair of Black Milk Clothing leggings. It was then that the demand for quality leggings with insane prints began for the inspired entrepreneur.

Since then, BM has stuck to the internet, building a dedicated family of customers who play a vital part in the growth of Black Milk Clothing. Without ever having to arrange a formal photo-shoot with models, Lillis and his expanding team and product line have relied on their gorgeous customers and their submission of ‘selfies’ to showcase their beautiful designs. “I love seeing all the different ways girls style their Black Milk pieces” says founder James Lillis.

Beginning their fourth year as a company, Black Milk Clothing has large plans for World domination. Following official deals with Star Wars™ and Lord Of The Rings™ on brilliantly designed leggings, Black Milk Clothing now sets their sight on the electronic music community. With news of a collaboration with Pretty Lights and other artists, it is clear that BM is ready and well prepared to takeover the festival fashion market. We are excited to see what comes out of these relationships.


Curated Music was fortunate to have the opportunity to talk all things Black Milk Clothing with BM’s head of Marketing and Operations, Cameron Parker:

CM: What is black Milk?
BM: Black Milk Clothing makes gear for hot bosses who want to express themselves through fashion and don’t mind standing out from the crowd.

CM: When was it founded ?
BM: 2009, in James’ kitchen

CM: Who are the founders and managers?
BM: James Lillis and the 140+ BM team. I look after marketing and operations.


CM: What was the inspiration behind the inception of clothing line?
BM: James noticed that when it came to legwear, women didn’t have much to choose from other than cotton and black, so he thought to make some gear that women could really work with in a fashionable way.

CM: What was the strategy behind the rapid growth of the brand in such a short period of time?
BM: Our growth was actually very unexpected, so the strategy has just been do whatever we can to keep up with demand!

CM: How is Black Milk clothing involved or related to musicians and artists, and are the rumors true about a pretty lights and black milk collaboration?
BM: We work with a few different artists, and we are working on a collaboration with Pretty Lights!

CM: What advise would you give to an aspiring young designer looking to accomplish what black milk had done?
BM: Don’t spend too much time worrying about what’s in season or what other people are doing – just go with what you love.


CM: What does the future hold for Black Milk?
BM: More amazing gear, incredible collaborations and insane community meetups!

CM: If Black Milk clothing has a message they want to get out there, what would it be?
BM: Don’t ever be afraid of being yourself. And if you ever feel like you need an outlet to dress up and take selfies and just show the world what a boss you are, you’ll always be welcome in the Black Milk community.

With all this exciting news from Black Milk Clothing, it is clear that they are going to take their brand to the next level. We highly suggest you follow Black Milk Clothing through all outlets on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, on their blog. You can purchase your very own article of Black Milk Clothing from their website, just be sure to post a ‘selfie’ and tag the bad-ass clothing company to show off your new digs!

Black Milk Clothing: