EVENT PREVIEW: 10 Fall/Winter Tours to Cure Your Post-Festival Season Blues



The weather is starting to cool down a bit after a scorching hot Summer Festival Season for a lot of us. We all had our favorites. Summer Camp, Waka, Shambala, Mysteryland, North Coast, Hudson (lol jk). They will all forever hold a special place in our hearts. But they’re over. In the past. Time to move on. No drunk dialing your ex’s. Just move on to that rebound. Get yourself some strange ass and have a hot and heavy one night stand.

And boy do I have 10 Fall/Winter tours for you that are going to make you forget all about camping, camelbaks, and cashless systems.


10. Savoy “Mo Lasers Mo Problems” Tour featuring Bright Lights. Because Lasers. These guys have been playing bigger and bigger venues for the last few years and their live production is nothing short of a spectacle. They’ll surely highlight their 2014 album “Predator,” an album just made for lasers in a dark smokey room. If you like drum and bass music, be sure to catch these guys when they tear up a town near you now through mid-November.

9. Skrillex Fall Tour. Stop. Before you say anything, just stop. If you’re sitting there thinking how “basic” I am for this pick or if you think ya boi Sonny is a one trick bro-step pony then you haven’t been paying attention for the last year. Recess was scary good and his Mothership Tour this past Summer made people realize that dubstep may not have the draw it had when it was fresh, but Skrillex is so much more anyway. His high energy, genre clashing sets have everyone talking and his Fall tour, accompanied by Big G, GTA and others is hitting a city near you and you better be there. Beem yourself up, Scotty.


8. Odesza’s “In Return” Tour. Supporting their latest studio effort, “In Return,” these Northwest up and comers have been hitting the festivals, supporting major tours and even headlining at smaller clubs across the country all building up to their biggest headlining tour yet. If you haven’t gotten a chance to catch Odesza live yet, their headlining tour would probably be the place to do it. Their sets are usually non-stop tunes that will truly entrance any listener and get them moving on the dance floor, whether they want to or not.


7. Dillon Francis’ “Money Sucks Friends Rule” Tour. Yada yada sell out blah blah getting a can to the face drama, Dillon Francis tends to attract all the gossip from an immature EDM fanbase, but his talents as a producer and DJ should not be overlooked just because he finds himself on the losing end of everything that’s wrong with the electronic music community. This major headlining tour has Francis playing larger venues than any previous solo shows in support of his first studio album distributed with the help of a major record label. The irony of the name “Money Sucks Friends Rule” tour is not lost on this writer. Still, Dillon continues to put on one of the best live shows out there, and with support from TJR, if he’s stopping anywhere near you, you should probably head over.

6. Lettuce. Because everyone loves funk. You need the funk. And there is no more funkier act out right now than Lettuce. So many acts these days rely on stage production, and there’s not necessarily anything wrong with that, but if you’re looking for a show that relies strictly on the group’s musical talent and musical entertainment value, Lettuce is it. Jesus saves but Deitch shreds.

5. Run The Jewels (2). Plans for the sophomore album from the Killer Mike & El-P project have just been released along with plans for a Fall Tour. The first release and tour from these two was out of the world with energy that is pretty hard to match. A unique show, the duo brings it every time and any hip hop head would be remiss to not show up.

4. STS9. After some time off following a little bit of a lineup change, STS9 has proven themselves to be back and seemingly without missing a step. Having played several festivals this summer and a sold out run at the legendary Red Rocks, these, dare I say, Jamtronica heavy hitters are ready to melt your faces indoors this Fall.


3. Pretty Lights Music Keepin’ it Crew Tour. Perhaps Michal Menert constantly getting overlooked and left off most major Summer festivals could really be a blessing in disguise. He’s certainly kept busy, starting his own label, Super Best Records with friends Krooked Drivers, Late Night Radio and others, as well as planning a massive PLM fall tour with his homies Eliot Lipp, Supervision, and Paul Basic. If you’re tired of the BS of mainstream electronic music and want to see some passion on the stage, this is the tour for you. If you’re going to take a risk and see any artist on this list for the first time, make it Menert. He will not disappoint. You’ll probably even be able to catch him wandering about the crowd with a drink taking pictures with friends and fans. If you’re lucky (or have equipment and a couch to crash on) he may even play a sweet after party at your place.

String Cheese 2014 500x500

2. String Cheese Incident. First studio album in 9 years? Check. Biggest tour since reuniting 5 years ago? Check. First time playing several East Coast spots in almost 10 years? Check. This tour is a no brainer. Don’t act like you haven’t been missing cheese. Eoto is great and all, but give me some cheese!


1. Bassnectar’s Noise Vs. Beauty Tour. Because, well, Bassnectar. Don’t miss out. Especially his Basscenter show at Madison Square Garden. Don’t be a fool, wrap your tool. And see Bassnectar live.

If you’ve got dough left over, you should also check out:

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Creature Carnival featuring Beats Antique, Emancipator, Shpongle and Lafa Taylor.
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