Curated Music Sits Down With Movement Electronic Music Festival Director

Last week, Curated Music had the incredible opportunity to pick the brain of Paxahau Founder and Movement Electronic Music Festival Executive Director, Jason Huvaere. From the underground sounds, to the major sponsorships, Huvaere gives us an in depth look at the building and growth of Detroit’s premier EDM Festival.

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CM: What factors did you consider when choosing artists for this years line up?
JH: Since taking over complete management of Movement Detroit in 2006 we have always focused on making sure that Detroit artists are represented to the fullest. It is one of the primary reasons we have a stage dedicated to Detroit artists that is sponsored by Made in Detroit.

Over the years our philosophy has been to highlight the icons of Detroit Techno alongside the emerging Detroit talent while sprinkling in some artists who have a large international following.

With our headliners this year, we wanted to present fans with music from some of the originators of the genres of Techno, House, and Hip Hop. From Lil’ Louis to The Wizard aka Jeff Mills to Public Enemy; these are artists in the true sense in that they engage the crowd and leave them with a feeling that exceeds expectations.

CM: What role has Detroit played in the growth of electronic music?
JH: Electronic Dance Music is more recognized today with main stream audiences more than it ever has been; and much of that has been thanks to many of the dynamic Detroit artists. Many of those who are seeing commercial success attribute the sounds from Detroit as an inspiration.

CM: What can we expect from movement in the future? 
JH: Each year we are looking to enhance the experience we offered festival attendees during the previous year. That means we will be working to secure artists that give you the feel of being at an underground party. As always, we will boost our production quality with the latest technology. And we will look for new ways to make the footprint of the festival even more inviting.

CM: What does it take to throw a city fest of this size? 
JH: A great deal of planning! We are working on it all year long. We have a great team who works on every aspect of the festival with a lot of care and detail—all with the people who attend Movement Detroit in mind. We want them to have the most rewarding festival experience possible. We have dedicated sponsors like Red Bull Music Academy, Made in Detroit, Beatport and Vitaminwater. Their support and partnerships along with a tremendous group of courteous and passionate volunteers help make Movement what is it.

CM: In your opinion what has the growth of dubstep done for electronic music?
JH: Dubstep has definitely stated its presence within electronic music. It is one of the most popular forms of electronic music out today. And because of that, it has opened doors for people to discover other forms of electronic music when they visit event like ours.

CM: What role has social media played in the growth of this festival?
JH: Between Facebook and Twitter, our social media platforms have allowed our fans around the globe to stay engaged and informed with Movement daily. We probably have one of the most loyal fan bases; and it has tremendously grown over the last couple of years. We use our social media not to make announcements but we use it to build relationships with festival fans.

CM: What makes Movement different from any other festival?
JH: Movement is a niche festival that respects the underground history of electronic music. People come to Detroit every year to catch artists from today and yesterday they love and also discover new, emerging stars.

CM: Does movement have a message they are trying to spread. If so explain.
JH: Love the music. If you appreciate the music and where it originated; come to Detroit for Movement Electronic Music Festival and get the complete experience of an underground party.


Movement Electronic Music Festival is held May 26th through the 29th at Hart Plaza in Detroit, Michigan. The Memorial Day Festival’s lineup features the biggest names in electronic music today. You can check out the lineup, stay up to date on announcements, and buy tickets at the Movement website,

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