ARTIST FEATURE: Sitting Down With The Floozies (Q&A)

Photo by Collin Taylor of Live Edits Lab

Photo by Collin Taylor of Live Edits Lab


There is some funky vibes brewing in the Midwest right now, vibes far too funky to contain. Of course, I am talking about The Floozies, the electro-funk duo that is taking the live music circuit by storm. Made up of brothers Matt Hill (producer/guitarist) & Mark Hill (drummer), The Floozies are ready to dominate 2014. Between an insanely busy tour schedule and finding time to work on their next album, The Floozies are geared up to continue on their path of success. The Floozies debut album, Tell Your Mother, is available for free download of the band’s website here. You can catch The Floozies on a slew of tour dates throughout the spring and on their music festival run this Summer which already includes Wakarusa, Snowball, Euphoria, Purple Hatters Ball, and more. We were lucky enough to catch up with Matt Hill of The Floozies to get a little glimpse into how the project is going. Read our conversation below:

CURATED MUSIC: How did you guys start The Floozies project?
THE FLOOZIES: I (Matt) had been doing solo live looping shows at coffee shops and stuff and kind of randomly decided to try adding a drummer. Since Mark is a drummer and also my brother, adding him made sense.

CM: What is your favorite aspect of playing live?
FLOOZIES: I don’t know if there is a favorite aspect of it as much as it’s just my favorite thing to do in the world. Interacting with the crowd, improvising and changing the structure of our songs while also live looping and creating new stuff on the fly is exhilarating. And giving out love and energy and having people giving it right back to you is an incredible feeling.
CM: How do you guys tie the live and electronic dynamics of your sounds together so well?
FLOOZIES: We just let it happen and leave room in the songs for expansion and improvisation.
CM: What are some of the pluses and minuses of working so closely with your family?
FLOOZIES: To be honest there aren’t really minuses. Mark and I have always gotten along really well and we don’t fight like other brothers. We def disagree and get mad at each other but we’re just so similar and have so much in common that it really works. We can be more honest and direct with each other than you can with non-family band members.
CM: Can you please share with us one of your favorite stories from being on the road this past year?
FLOOZIES: A naked girl clambered onto the stage at wakarusa and tried to knock over Mark’s drums for reasons we still don’t understand. Not really a favorite moment, definitely annoying, but it’s certainly unique and funny. The thing is we love pretty much every show we play, so while all of them are distinct and different each night, none can really be a favorite because we love playing shows and reaching for new things musically every night. (***WE POSTED A VIDEO OF THIS STORY BELOW***)
CM: Is there a message that you want to leave with your fans?
FLOOZIES: Keep being awesome. We love you.
CM: What’s next for The Floozies?
FLOOZIES: Always working on new material, next album will be special. And we’re coming up with a pretty titillating (prettillating?) new lighting setup. And we got a bunch of new gear we’re going to gradually incorporating leading up to festival season.
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