ARTIST FEATURE: Getting To Know Dirty Chocolate And His Scrt Stsh Collaboration (Interview)


DIRTY CHOCOLATE: Interview, Scrt Stsh Clothing Release, & Exclusive Mix

Certainly a well rounded artist, up-and-coming beat producer Dirty Chocolate has been generating quite the buzz recently. Armed with dreamy chord progressions and sharp drums, Dirty Chocolate’s tunes are quickly earning top spots on many listeners’ playlists. Dirty Chocolate and his unique beats are on their way to levels of prominence that will forever indite them as favorites. We recently learned that our friends at Scrt Stsh Clothing were teaming up with Dirty Chocolate to release an exclusive collaboration clothing collection and mix so we knew it was the perfect time to catch up with the young producer. Below you can read our interview, check out the clothing collection, and listen to the exclusive mix.

Q&A With Dirty Chocolate:

CURATED MUSIC: When did you first start experimenting with sound and making music? And what inspired you to start?
DIRTY CHOCOLATE: Well, I’ve been listening to beat music for a very long time, but I started making my own content about 2 years ago come November.

CM: What was PeachBoiz and how did it live and die?
DC: Peachboiz was a collective of friends. It was just a lot of very creative people making similar music supporting one another. Good intent, who started it is only like 15 I think, bright kid. It had a good run. That’s really all I have to say about that.

CM: What is the extent of your involvement with Moving Castles and how did that come about?
DC: I joined the collective in its early stages, with very few members. AO Beats was the one who introduced me to everyone; Really nice friendly & supportive people.

CM: Recently your track “Hyper Speed” was featured by Thump, and Nest HQ did an artist spotlight on you. How does it feel to have your music recognized by some of the most respected names in music?
DC: It has been an unreal experience so far. I remember first starting, looking at THUMP for news in electronic music. Nest HQ has been really supportive since 3ds dreams almost a year ago, much love to them. But overall it’s a really exciting feeling to be recognized by people I look up to.

CM: Tell us a little more about Sleepy Sounds.
DC: Well, right now there is not much to tell. It’s very beta at the moment. But It is a brand and collective that My good friend, who goes by JabbaTheKid on Tumblr, and I are starting. Right now it is in it is very early stages though.

CM: What production equipment do you use in the studio?
DC: I just just use Rockit 5s and my MPK 25 for producing. For mixes I like to use either my Traktor or m APC 40 controller.

CM: Have video games influenced your music productions at all?
DC: I would say video games play a huge role in my music preference and style. I like feeling nostalgic and remembering the fun memories from my childhood, and I try to capture that feeling in my music.

CM: How did you get connected with SCRT STSH and what can we expect from this collaboration?
DC: SCRT STSH I have been following since they first supported 3ds Dreams. I really loved their designs. So when Tim, who runs SCRT STSH, approached me about a possible collaboration, I was excited to say the least. I think from this collaboration we can expect some really sick clothing designs that I am excited to be a part of.


Click here to purchase the Dirty Chocolate x Scrt Stsh Clothing collection.

UntitledsctrystshClick here to listen to Dirty Chocolate’s exclusive Scrt Stsh mix.

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