ARTIST FEATURE: Getting Spooky With Big Gigantic (Interview, Ticket Contest, Tour Preview, And Big GRiZMatik NYE Possibilities)


Getting Spooky with Big Gigantic:

Our friends Dominic Lalli and Jeremy Salkin of Big Gigantic have embarked on yet another tour sprawling across the nation for over 20 dates spreading their huge party sound to mobs of happy crowds. The all new Touch The Sky Tour is sure to be a massive rager. In anticipation for the two Michigan dates on tour, and knowing how busy these guys are, we figured now would be a great time to catch up with Big Gigantic. Luckily, we were able to catch Dom to ask him a few questions about the tour and to commemorate this spooky Halloween season. Read our interview with Dom below and be sure to enter our contest at the bottom for a chance to win a pair of tickets to see Big Gigantic in Detroit at Freaky Deaky!! You can purchase tickets to Freaky Deaky here and you can enter to win free tickets here.

CURATED MUSIC: The all new Touch The Sky Tour comes to Grand Rapids on Friday and Detroit for Freaky Deaky on Oct. 25th. Are you excited to make your return to Michigan with 2 huge October dates??

DOMINIC LALLI: Yeah it’s great to be back in Michigan. We kind of came up here so it’s just awesome to be able to come back and do sort of club shows and stuff like that. I’m excited to do this Freaky Deaky Halloween party at the Masonic Temple, it’s going to be sick. We got Alex coming back out with us for a couple dates, so it’s going to be cool to
have him. We have Manic Focus and MuzzY, it’s going to be a big hang, I’m pretty excited for it.


CM: What are some new highlights that fans can look forward to on the Touch The Sky Tour?

DOM: We have a whole new light rig which is really going to be tight. Just a new look, we like to have a new fresh look for our fans when we come back to town. We’ve been working on a bunch of new music, so trying out a bunch of new stuff as well as breaking into the vault and mixing it up with some old shit every night. So really like doing the whole like… I don’t know man, were just digging into everything. Our live shows been going great, having a great audience response so were just adding to that and capitalizing on that. Since we can do our own show every night, we can really do some different stuff every night. Probably going to be playing a bunch of stuff you haven’t heard in a long time, slash all the stuff you love, slash stuff you’ve never heard before. It’s already shaping up to be the best tour we’ve ever done and it’s cool to have our friends out with us, and you know, just the whole deal, its a great tour.

CM: With Paper Diamond, Manic Focus, and The Floozies on support for this tour, you guys must be anticipating a ton of mischief. Are you excited to be traveling with your close friends for a month?

DOM: Yeah it’s so nice, Jon/Manic Focus, is with us for like the whole tour. He’s just a homey and one of my favorite guys to be on tour with, it’s great to have him out. The Floozies guys we just did Red Rocks with the other weekend, so that was really fun to see them. And we just did Madison Square Garden with Alex so it’s always fun to have the homies out. We kicked off the tour last night and had a great show, it’s just going to be an awesome tour, we’re really excited for this one.

CM: Can you tell me a little bit about the Lil Gs project and how they are making a difference on tour and off?

DOM: Man it’s crazy, they’re just killing it, and not only do they help promote our shows and come out to the shows and all that. You know, they come out to our bigger shows like Red Rocks and stuff like that. They come out and just kind of help fans, they’re party starters, they’re there to help if anyone needs anything. They do all that stuff around the show stuff, and they help promote our upcoming shows and all that stuff. But also, we have this thing called A Big Gigantic Difference, so if they want to be a Lil G, they have to do something to help in their community, something in helping others or help raise money for a good cause or just something like that. We just have a stellar group of people and kids who just love music, they love our music, they love the scene, and are just out there trying to do something cool and something different musically, and in their community. We really have an awesome, awesome group of kids helping out with us, and we couldn’t be more excited to have such a great group. They’re the shit.

CM: Ok so, with a successful Rowdytown 2-night run at Red Rocks, a Bonnaroo Super Jam, dozens of festival performances, a widely successful tour, an amazing studio album The Night Is Young, and Madison Square Garden with Bassnectar already under your belts for this year. AND WITH, the whole Touch The Sky Tour, a slew of festivals, and a headlining slot on the inaugural Mad Decent Boat Party still to come, 2014 has been a busy year for Big Gigantic. Are you excited to keep this party going into 2015? What can we expect beyond the horizon??

DOM: We finish up this tour, we do Mad Decent Boat Party, we are going to go back to Europe and do some stuff in December, were working on that. We’re doing New Year’s at home (Colorado) which is going to be fucking awesome because we’ve never actually done that, doing that Decadence thing. And then, were looking to release another EP at the beginning of the year, late January/early February, already working on that and already starting to get some of the details together for that. I just want to put some more music out more consistently instead of waiting 2 years and putting out another full length, you know, i just want to get some more music out right now, I have some ideas I just want to get out there kind of as soon as possible. So yeah, look out another EP and stuff in the beginning of next year, and another tour in the Spring and all that!

CM: We see GRiZMatik was announce on Decadence also. Is there any chance for you guys to team up for a bit of Big GRiZMatik?

DOM: There is a very good chance of that.

CM: What was your guys’ favorite halloween costume growing up or even recently?

DOM: Last year we did the Fear in Loathing in Las Vegas, that was really fun, and we are currently looking to figure out what the hell we are going to be this year, so let us know. Tell the fans, we need ideas!

CM: Last year in Detroit, I saw a buddy dressed up as Dom from Big Gigantic. How does it feel to be the inspiration for a fans’ Halloween costume?

DOM: It feels pretty special!

CM: If you could only indulge in 1 candy brand for the rest of eternity, what would it be?

DOM: Oooh, maybe snickers.. Could be a snickers. Or that one with the toffee in the middle and the chocolate. Heath bar.

CM: Do you guys like the orange, yellow, or white part of candy corn?

DOM: Oh shit, I like the whole thing. I just want to eat em up. They’re going to rot my teeth but I love them.

CM: Did you put up any Halloween decorations in your home or studio this year?

DOM: I didn’t. I didn’t make it. I never get to celebrate Halloween at my house unfortunately. But at least I get to celebrate it all around the country with random awesome people.

CM: Between you and Jeremy, who’s the better pumpkin carver?

DOM: I don’t know but we’re going to have to find out. We’re going to have a pumpkin carving contest. We actually talked about it last night, so we’re going to find out, but I think it will be a close call, Jeremy is a pretty artistic guy.

CM: Do either of you have any Halloween stories you’d like to share with us?

DOM: One time, we did Halloween in Fayetteville and we we’re Wayne and Garth from Wayne’s World. That was pretty awesome. We got really wasted that night.

CM: Is there anything else you’d like to share with us?

DOM: We are seriously so excited to do this Freaky Deaky thing. It’s going to be our biggest show yet in Detroit and its going to be a fucking party. So, let everyone know were coming and it’s going to be sick. Just stoked to get back. It’s like we didn’t get to do Electric Forest and all that stuff this year so its nice to come back up here and see all of our Michigan fam and throw a proper party like we know how to do with all of you guys.


Thanks guys! We can’t wait to catch up soon.


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