ARTIST FEATURE: Curated Conversation Vol. 7 – RJD2 Video Interview

rjd2-featuredLast August we had the honor of sitting down with prolific producer and turntable wizard RJD2 for the seventh edition of Curated Conversations. We discussed everything from touring at festivals to digging for records. RJD2 has been a household name in the beat and hip-hop communities since the early 2000’s and has experienced tremendous success since then. Where others who have followed in his footsteps have failed to capitalize on what’s in front of them, RJ has always done different. RJD2’s music speaks to generations of music lovers and he will forever be held in a spotlight as the producer that pushed boundaries and paved the way for many to follow. In the world of RJD2, he has just begun to show the world what he is all about. We are excited to see what is in the future for RJD2 and we are excited to present our interview with the brilliant producer. RJD2 is coming to our hometown of Detroit this Saturday, Feb. 12th at The Majestic Theater with our good friend SuperVision. You can get tickets through Detroit Dubstep here. Check out the interview and get down to some RJD2!

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