FESTY NEWS: Moonrise Festival Takesover Baltimore This Weekend & 7 Reasons Why You Should Go!



Organizers of Moonrise Festival attempted the first-year festival last year and, well, failed, leaving a sour taste with thousands of hopeful would-be attendees. But they gave it a go again for 2014 (if at first you don’t succeed, right?) and hey, whattya know? They got the proper permits, and as I write this  Thursday evening, the festival is still a go, with a pretty solid lineup in my own humble opinion.

So maybe you’re a last minute planner, a master procrastinator if you will, and you’re anywhere close to the Baltimore Metro area, you should at least consider attending this festival. And here are 8 reasons why:

1. Tickets are only $150. For the weekend. That’s two days of music for $75 a day. Go ahead and try to see Heroes X Villains, Crizzly, Papadosio, RJD2, Kaskade, and STS9 individually and spend less than $75. I dare you. But don’t because you should actually open up a savings account and put money aside for school, books, maybe invest it a little bit? Bonds are doing well right? A roth IRA is never a bad idea either. You get the point. Well anyways, grab your ticket here.

2. Diversity. An old wooden ship. Err… wait. I’m referring to the lineup which includes everything from jamtronica, hip-hop, techno and drum and bass. And, just as important, the schedule is really well split between the four stages. There aren’t too many conflicts for me. I doubt many Papadosio fans are going to be bummed they’re missing Audien and I doubt DJ Snake fans are really going to miss out on STS9. Right now my biggest conflict is whether to see Bro Safari (who absolutely slayed Hudson Project by the way) or the legend RJD2, who I haven’t seen in a couple years.

3. You have a chance to see and enter the legendary mammoth Pimlico Race Course (Home of the Preakness) and you get to avoid all the horses*, rich snobs, and big ugly hats.

4. The Solar Dance Tent on Sunday. Gladiator, Lets Be Friends, Keys N Krates, Figure, Brillz, Rusko, Waka Flocka, Zeds Dead & Excision. If you want to see me, that’s where I’ll be 1:20-9:30. Don’t ask me to move. I will not.

5. For 12 hours Saturday and Sunday you’ll be in the safest place in Baltimore. Kidding. Mostly.

6. You Us oldheads can be in bed by midnight. Or I’m sure you can head out to some crazy after-parties in the city… Maybe.

7. Kaskade? Kaskade. Bassnectar? Bassnectar. Pork rind? Pork rind. 

8. It can’t go any worse than last year. 🙂 🙂 🙂


There you have it. Short and sweet. Like my diction. Regardless of all the reservations, this is a low-risk, high-reward festival for this weekend with some of the top acts in not just electronic music but in the entire music industry. And seriously, Bassnectar.

Tickets are still available here along with probably vital information on parking and travel you should probably look into.

*Horses are absolutely terrifying and if you disagree then you’re wrong and you should be more careful around our equine enemies.