ARTIST FEATURE: Catching Up With Eliot Lipp: Basslights, Snapchat, and Pizza (Q&A)



Fresh off a brand new album, working with fellow hot up-and-comers Cherub and label-mates Michal Menert & Supervision, plus recently finishing up a massive PLM tour across the country, Eliot Lipp is having quite the season. With all that momentum, it’s clear that Lipp isn’t slowing down, with a giant NYE performance, plus news of a new collaboration release, and a slew of new material on the horizon, the New York producer has tons to talk about. That’s why we caught up with Eliot Lipp the other day for a quick Q&A. Our conversation led to many topics pertaining to music, art, and how to keep warm in the winter. You can read our full Q&A below:

CURATED MUSIC: First of all, congratulations on the new release Watch the Shadows! It’s been a very anticipated drop. Reading your descriptions for each track, it’s clear much thought went into the album, Can you explain a bit about what Watch the Shadows means to you as a conceptual body of artwork?

ELIOT LIPP: Thanks man. I’m trying to do [the write-ups] for each song and then I’m going to put them all together into one post. I think one of the big main themes is… there are a couple things I feel like I keep coming back to with all of these different posts. I guess one of them is showing the old school sort of throwback sound that all these songs have, and there’s moments in each song where it will sound like mid seventies funk or eighties style shit, and while I’ve been trying to explain the significance of that, I’ve realized that, that part of my music is essentially just me trying to connect my style and my sound with the just sort of history of electronic music and just to give it a sort of perspective you know, based on a lot of the music that has come before mine.

CM: You say, “One of the most fascinating things about music is how it evolves through different regions, cultures and eras. It’s the universal language of the human spirit” and your music encompasses every style of music from every time period.

LIPP: Yeah, that kind of thing is real important to me. That’s one of the reasons I’ve always been drawn to instrumental music as opposed to music with more of a narrative or music that just tells a story even. To me, instrumental music is more about the raw emotions that are derived from melody and rhythm.

CM: You have an extensive collection of synthesizers. Are those responsible for the sounds we all love in your music?

LIPP: Yes a lot of them are. I play a lot of VSTs as well, and plugins. I started collecting analog synthesizers probably about 11 or 12 years ago. I started buying and selling them, and I’d buy broken ones, fix them up, and trade them. So, the collection I have right now, or at any given time, is usually pretty temporary because I like switching them out. There’s a handful that I probably want to keep forever but I really like buying and selling synths just as much as [collecting them]. I’m not a hoarder, I’m not trying to have this museum of synths, I like to have a collection but at the same time I like moving them in and out because when I get a new keyboard, when I get new sounds, I get inspiration from playing on them and just tweaking new sounds in different ways, so I like to try to keep recycling through.

CM: Looking back on the PLM Tour, what’s a really funny memory you can share with us?

LIPP: (Laughs) Um…. Well… Our tour manager would do this thing when we would all be hanging out on the bus where he’d yell “BUNK CALL” and everybody would have to run to their bunk, and the last person to the bunk…. I mean, we never really punished them, but we would just talk about what [we would do]. It was just to try to get to your bunk first so everyone would be running from the front of the tour bus all the way back to the bunk and there was always some sort of injury… (Laughs). But, because there were 8 of us and there were 7 bunks, someone would always get left out. (Laughs). Then we would just fuck with them the rest of the day. It was especially funny after a show would be over and we’d be having a little after party on the tour bus and there’d be girls and stuff on there, then out of nowhere, Ben [our Tour Manager] yells “BUNK CALL” and we all run to the back and there’d be some random people just sitting in the front like ‘what just happened!?!?’ ‘Where’d all those guys go’? There were a lot of funny moments on the tour, I wish I could share more of them but there was just a lot of debaucherous behavior. (Laughs).

CM: You end this year performing at Basslights with Bassnectar and Pretty Lights plus Chromeo, Beats Antique, and Exmag. Are you excited to bring in the New Year with that crew and nearly 10,000 others in Hampton Virginia??

LIPP: Yeah I’m definitely excited for that show, it’s going to be a good one. I love all the other acts that I’m playing with and I’m honored to be on the bill especially with Lorin and Derek, and I’m a big fan of Chromeo too, so I’m definitely looking forward to that. Having this new album out too, being able to keep promoting the record is exciting. I love playing all these brand new songs out. I’ve been looking forward to every show I have coming up lately. 

CM: Off the top of your head, can you give us your favorite LippTip and/or share with us a brand new one?

LIPP: Let’s see… hang on… um… Well I had a recent one, a couple weeks ago I said; “If you smoke cigarettes in your house, please let me know before we go over there so I can never go over there.” (Laughs) I don’t know if I can pull a LippTip off the top of my head. Well, it’s getting cold out right. I should think of one for the weather. (Laughs). Shit man, maybe I could come back to that.

CM: Your collaboration with Michal Menert is hot. Are there any other collaborations on the horizon?

LIPP: Michal and I are doing a whole record together. While we were on tour we started a bunch of new tracks. We’ve each been working on them a little bit on our own; I think that the key is to get back together in person. I don’t really do the email collaborations; I like to be in the studio working side by side. There’s that and I’m not sure what else, there’s a couple other collaborations. I’ve been working on one with this emcee from Tacoma, Washington that goes by Glen. He’s really tight. I’m actually supposed to work on a track with him today. I mean, there’s a couple things in the works but I think one of the next releases coming up for me is definitely going to be the record with Menert.

CM: Your Snapchats are works of art and inspirational, how do you keep them so fresh?

LIPP: (laughs) I just love to draw; I’ve always been really into drawing. I like the challenge. It’s kind of really hard to draw on Snapchat. It’s hard to make it a work of art because you are limited with your color scheme, and you just have the one brush size for your paintbrush. I love social media, I love being able to connect with my fans and show my sense of humor, or just show sides of myself that I don’t always find a way of putting in my music. That’s one of my favorite things about Snapchat, just trying to make it cartoony and stupid. It’s immediate and it just goes away right away, it’s nothing permanent, so the light heartedness of it I think makes it a pretty cool way for people to connect with each other. 

CM: What other forms of art inspire you?

LIPP: I love graffiti. I love even just tags, besides the big colorful murals I love just people’s names spelled on the wall because you notice, whenever I travel, I see the different styles change in different cities, and that’s always been interesting to me. I’ve always been into painting. I love abstract painters. A lot of times when I’m on tour, if I have nothing to do for the day, I’ll go and check out a city’s local art museum. I’ve always been into art; I actually went to art school for a while. But yeah, I think one of my favorite styles is definitely graffiti art. 

CM: Do you have any goals for the coming New Year?

LIPP: I don’t know if it’s a goal but one thing I’m really shooting for is to try and be more immediate with my music. With this new record, some of those tracks I was sitting on for like two years. Granted, I kept reworking them and changing quite a bit throughout that time, but I think we’re at an age now with Soundcloud and everything where we can just finish a song and post it up immediately for the fans to hear and you get feedback on and people to just experience it, instead of just waiting. It’s nice to gather up a whole collection for an album and make a big deal of everything but I think that I want to try and push myself to try and put out more singles and just start dropping tracks without all the hype and without waiting too long. That’s one goal I set for myself in 2015, I want to release a lot of music and really put myself out there. I still like doing albums, but I think I’m going to take a break from that, especially since I’ve just release a brand new one, I have the time where I can for a while and try just experimenting.

CM: Health question: Does your raw juice intake outweigh your pizza consumption?

LIPP: (laughs) that’s a really good question. I try to get a lot of juice in me and less pizza but it’s probably about 50/50 right now. (Laughs). Dude, that’s how I am, I go back and fourth, I’m either eating super healthy and drinking green juice everyday, eating salads, or I’m just full on cheeseburgers and pizza, especially on tour, it’s so hard to eat healthy on tour sometimes I’ll just give up and just eat like shit. (Laughs). But man… I try to balance it out.

CM: Any last thoughts on the LippTip??

LIPP: Why can’t I think of a LippTip right now…. Umm… Hmmm… Fuck it’s hard to just pull one right out of my head like that. Umm… I don’t know, I guess I’d say; stock up on flannels, go to Goodwill and get yourself a few flannels for the winter. You can never have enough flannels, they will never go out of style, and they keep you warm. Sometimes even at Goodwill, I’ve found some of those Pendletons, I’ve found some brand name flannels here and there lately. You know, I definitely would suggest Goodwill or Salvation Army, some kind of thrift store because you know, if you go to the mall or you go to a regular spot it’s going to be like 100 bucks for a nice flannel, you want to just go spend 8 bucks and get a couple of them. (Laughs). That’s my LippTip.

LIPP: Thanks!

Listen to Watch The Shadows by Eliot Lipp below:


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PREVIEW: Detroit Gets Down With Eats Everything & More This Saturday



It’s very clear that Detroit is enamored with Dirtybird Records and anything that passes through it’s releases. That being said, the excitement for Eats Everything‘s performance this Saturday at Club Fantasy’s Shazzzam event is tangible. Perhaps the most diverse producer in this whole “deeper” movement, Eats Everything’s domination of festivals, clubs, and airwaves has been growing intensely over the past couple years. A Bristol UK resident, Eats Everything has been steady spreading his sounds across the world, earning him accolades and rave reviews from every trustworthy outlet. Detroit get’s to experience Eats Everything this Saturday, Nov. 15th, at Club Fantasy for Shazzzam with fellow performers Liquid Stanger, Emalkay, Ill.gates, Golf Clap, and more. Tickets are available here.

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FESTY NEWS: Save The Date! All Good Festival Returns to West Virginia in 2015




Rejoice! Rejoice! Arguably the best (in the completely subjective opinion of this writer and festival goer) Summer music festival is back after taking the year off in 2014.

Many tears were shed and wooks joined together in cuddle puddle of sadness when All Good announced the haitus, but hope remained knowing that the festival of almost two decades now would not let them down, and would, in fact, be back, and possibly better than ever.

It looks like our prayers were answered and it feels like Christmas morning to many as we woke up to the news that All Good has set dates in Summit Point, West Virginia at the beautiful Berry Hill Farm (About 90 minutes due west of Baltimore).


All Good, fittingly, has consistently had the best overall atmosphere and positive vibes of any festival I’ve been to in the last five years, but has been marred with a string of bad luck, tensions with property owners, and even attendee deaths in 2011 and 2013.

The lineup is always a perfectly eclectic mix of rock, folk, bluegrass, jam, funk, soul, and electronic with the two main stages being side by side with essentially interlocking sets to ensure you don’t have to rush across festival grounds to catch one band while missing 3 others. Attendees have the time and frame of mind to simply relax and enjoy the music that is brought to them.

I speak for many when I say All Good will be the highlight of your 2015 Summer festival season. Do yourself a favor: mark your calendars.

We’ll see you in West Virginia!


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CONTEST: Willy Joy & Buku Come To Milwaukee’s Miramar Theatre On November 21st (Win VIP Tickets + Meet & Greet) [ENTER HERE]



Easily two of the most hard-working and futuristic music producers in the game, Willy Joy and Buku have been steady grinding while dominating venues together all over America. With a big new collaboration tune, “Sting”, blowing up (free DL here), both artists are now heading out on their latest adventure dubbed the ‘Leaner and Meaner Tour’ bringing the two bass blasters across the country and to the midwest for a few hot shows including Milwaukee at the Miramar Theatre on November 21st. Tickets for the MKE show are available online here, and you can also enter our contest for a free pair of VIP tickets to the Milwaukee show plus a meet & greet with Willy Joy and Buku at the show here. There are multiple ways to earn entries so make sure you enter the contest and tell your friends to do the same! If you haven’t seen the two of these guys together, head to the nearest show and get ready to turn up!


LISTEN: Willy Joy & Buku – “Sting”:

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ARTIST FEATURE: Getting To Know Dirty Chocolate And His Scrt Stsh Collaboration (Interview)


DIRTY CHOCOLATE: Interview, Scrt Stsh Clothing Release, & Exclusive Mix

Certainly a well rounded artist, up-and-coming beat producer Dirty Chocolate has been generating quite the buzz recently. Armed with dreamy chord progressions and sharp drums, Dirty Chocolate’s tunes are quickly earning top spots on many listeners’ playlists. Dirty Chocolate and his unique beats are on their way to levels of prominence that will forever indite them as favorites. We recently learned that our friends at Scrt Stsh Clothing were teaming up with Dirty Chocolate to release an exclusive collaboration clothing collection and mix so we knew it was the perfect time to catch up with the young producer. Below you can read our interview, check out the clothing collection, and listen to the exclusive mix.

Q&A With Dirty Chocolate:

CURATED MUSIC: When did you first start experimenting with sound and making music? And what inspired you to start?
DIRTY CHOCOLATE: Well, I’ve been listening to beat music for a very long time, but I started making my own content about 2 years ago come November.

CM: What was PeachBoiz and how did it live and die?
DC: Peachboiz was a collective of friends. It was just a lot of very creative people making similar music supporting one another. Good intent, who started it is only like 15 I think, bright kid. It had a good run. That’s really all I have to say about that.

CM: What is the extent of your involvement with Moving Castles and how did that come about?
DC: I joined the collective in its early stages, with very few members. AO Beats was the one who introduced me to everyone; Really nice friendly & supportive people.

CM: Recently your track “Hyper Speed” was featured by Thump, and Nest HQ did an artist spotlight on you. How does it feel to have your music recognized by some of the most respected names in music?
DC: It has been an unreal experience so far. I remember first starting, looking at THUMP for news in electronic music. Nest HQ has been really supportive since 3ds dreams almost a year ago, much love to them. But overall it’s a really exciting feeling to be recognized by people I look up to.

CM: Tell us a little more about Sleepy Sounds.
DC: Well, right now there is not much to tell. It’s very beta at the moment. But It is a brand and collective that My good friend, who goes by JabbaTheKid on Tumblr, and I are starting. Right now it is in it is very early stages though.

CM: What production equipment do you use in the studio?
DC: I just just use Rockit 5s and my MPK 25 for producing. For mixes I like to use either my Traktor or m APC 40 controller.

CM: Have video games influenced your music productions at all?
DC: I would say video games play a huge role in my music preference and style. I like feeling nostalgic and remembering the fun memories from my childhood, and I try to capture that feeling in my music.

CM: How did you get connected with SCRT STSH and what can we expect from this collaboration?
DC: SCRT STSH I have been following since they first supported 3ds Dreams. I really loved their designs. So when Tim, who runs SCRT STSH, approached me about a possible collaboration, I was excited to say the least. I think from this collaboration we can expect some really sick clothing designs that I am excited to be a part of.


Click here to purchase the Dirty Chocolate x Scrt Stsh Clothing collection.

UntitledsctrystshClick here to listen to Dirty Chocolate’s exclusive Scrt Stsh mix.

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Festy News: The Top 5 Reasons You Should Be Celebrating Halloween At Suwannee Hulaween


The Top 5 Reasons You Should Attend Suwannee Hulaween:

The String Cheese Incident has brought the crazy back to Live Oak, FL with the second year of Suwannee Hulaween. The inaugural festival was held last year in the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park, and with the overwhelmingly positive response, there was little doubt that it would return this year. So here we are! Gearing up for round 2, I’ve compiled some of the top reasons to attend this year’s festival.


  1. Because It’s Florida in October

    Chances are fairly good that you don’t live somewhere where it’s 70s and 80s at the end of October, chances are also fairly good that this will be the weather during the festival.


  1. Costumes!

    Festival goers are very creative people, and think about all that creativity transpiring into magnificently spooky Halloween costumes…fun stuff.


  1. Suwannee Grounds

    If you’ve been there, you know they’re beautiful, if you haven’t been there, I’m sure you’ve been told how beautiful it is. The spell binding beauty of the Spirit Lake was evident last year, and the displays are sure to be glorious again this year.


  1. Creature Carnival Tour…on Halloween

    When Beats Antique was announced in the first wave of artists, many began to speculate that Emancipator and Shpongle would be added as well, given that the Creature Carnival Tour (containing all three acts) was passing through Florida during the festival and Beats already being announced. These speculations turned out to be accurate when the second wave of artists were announced, and going one step further…the festival decided to schedule all three acts on Oct. 31st, for what is sure to be a carnival indeed.


  1. Cheese, Cheese, Cheese

    3 sets on Halloween, and all 3 nights of the festival. The String Cheese Incident always puts on a spectacle, and given that they curated the festival, you can bet it will be a big one. Last year contained a Halloween set of covers that featured all the members in wild costumes, special guest, aerialists, and a light show that is unparalleled.

And that is why you need to escape the city hustle and bustle by making your way down to Florida for Hulaween! Suwannee Hulaween takes place this October 31st through November 2nd at The Spirit Of The Suwannee Music Park in Live Oak, Florida. Tickets are available online here or at the gate. 

2014 Lineup:
The String Cheese Incident, Big Gigantic, Thievery Corporation, Beats Antique, The New Deal, Joe Russo’s Almost Dead, Shpongle, Greensky Bluegrass, The Dean Ween Group, Emancipator, EOTO, Keller Williams & Friends, Conspirator, Future Rock, Nahko & Medicine For The People, The Soul Rebels, Rising Appalachia, Rob Garza, Kung Fu, Judah & The Lion, Van Ghost, The Heavy Pets, Ghost Owl, Greenhouse Lounge, Cope, Strung Like A Horse, Jonathan Scales Fourchestra, Applebutter Express, Shane Pruitt Band, Suenalo, Dustin Thomas, Beartoe, Billy Gilmore’s Jam, Grandpa’s Cough Medicine, Post Pluto, PLUS: a Silent Disco, and Thursday Pre-Party with Electron (Featuring Marc Brownstein & Aron Magner of the Disco Biscuits, Tom Hamilton of Brothers Past, and Mike Greenfield of Lotus), Particle, Yo Mamma’s Big Fat Booty Band, Modern Measure, and MZG

Watch the 2013 Suwannee Hulaween Recap Video:

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ARTIST FEATURE: Curated Conversation Vol. 8: Golfing with Golf Clap (Scrt Stsh Edition) [Free 2-hour Mix, Exclusive Shirt Design, and Video Interview]

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 11.37.40 PM


Once in a while, there is an act that has it all; the full package. From the studio to the stage, from the golf course to the office, Golf Clap certainly exceeds the full package. Made up of Hugh Cleal and Bryan Jones, Golf Clap formed a couple years back as the result of a friendship and a move to Detroit for Bryan. The fusion was as seamless as velvet and they’re now consumed with tour dates, recording sessions, running their young yet mighty record label Country Club Disco, managing and promoting a full calendar of events at their resident venue The Grasshopper Underground, and fitting in as many shenanigans & tee-times as possible. Taking their sounds across the globe, Golf Clap is sure to be coming to a town near you soon.

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 11.39.42 PM


A few months back, we linked Golf Clap with our friends over at Scrt Stsh Clothing to start working on a collaboration together. The design they came up with is terrific and is now available in a variety of options along with a free download of the Scrt Stsh Mix Series Vol. 7: a special 2-hour mix from Golf Clap.

Listen & Download Mix Here:

Purchase Shirts Here


There’s nothing better than taking the day off work and spending a few hours on the golf course. That’s why when we had the opportunity to talk with Golf Clap, we knew we had to hit the links. Below you can check out Curated Conversation Vol. 8: Golfing with Golf Clap, a video interview and feature.

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ARTIST FEATURE: An Interview With Matt Butler Of Everyone Orchestra


We’re branching out a little bit with our latest artist feature, Matt Butler and the Everyone Orchestra. You may not immediately recognize the name Matt Butler. And you may hear “The Everyone Orchestra” and think of some lame children’s orchestra where every kid has a role and no one gets cut. However, I assure you that Matt Butler and the Everyone Orchestra has quickly become the act in the jam band scene. It doesn’t take long into one of their high energy performances to see why, either.

Matt Butler travels the country, showing up at some of the biggest festivals at cities with an ever changing lineup of the biggest names in improvisational rock music. Members of Phish, Trey Anastasio Band, moe., Umphrey’s McGee, The String Cheese Incident, ALO, Tea Leaf Green, Lettuce, Thievery Corporation, and dozens of your other favorite rock/jam bands come together for completely improvised sets, with Matt Butler leading the way as conductor of the whole ordeal. Armed with only a small white board, a dry erase marker, and matching flamboyant jacket and top hat, necessary conductor uniform, Matt gives musicians, and even audience members, instructions for what’s coming next. That’s right, the Everyone Orchestra really means everyone.

Matt Butler and the Everyone Orchestra is taking off on a stretch of shows in the Northeast, hitting Buffalo, Philly and New York, and will hit a number of stops by the end of the year, including Colorado, Arkansas, and California, before kicking off 2015 with his beloved Jam Cruise. Though he’s busy balancing his family and music, he was gracious enough to give us a few minutes of his time this week.


CM: How’s the family, Matt?

MB: It’s good, everything’s good. We’re just kinda getting into the swing of school. It’s kind of my routine now. I take care of the family during the week and then I take off over the weekend to do my music.

CM: Quite the schedule. So a couple years ago at All Good 2012, when we spoke you had mentioned it was tough to do a full blown tour with the Everyone Orchestra because of the energy and logistics that it takes. Now that you’ve been doing it pretty more and more, has it gotten any easier over the last couple years?

MB: Well I think when we last spoke I was just starting to work with my manager and the two of us kind of run the business. We bring different things to the table. It’s easier in the sense that I have a better team around me to pull it off and it’s really just as things have kind of evolved over time, more people are understanding of what we do so it’s become a little bit easier in the sense that they’re more dialed in on what the context is so we don’t have to go all the back to the beginning and how this is different from other super jams you know? I think we’ve had enough mainstage success at a number of festivals that we keep getting phone calls and relationships with the players continues to grow so there’s this stable of musicians who are interested. It’s always ebbing and flowing with who’s available but it’s always been growing as far as who’s interested. With all those things together, though, it’s still a lot of logistics. I mean with three shows, it’s kind of like a mini festival. And we’ve had a number of really successful runs and musically it’s super satisfying to be able to do two sets with the same group of musicians because it just gets better and better as it goes along.

CM: One of the other things you said was you kind of saw your roll on stage with the other musicians is you kind of saw it as a coaching role and you made a lot analogies to your performances to sports. Now any coach will say that from year to year with a changing personnel and a changing game, they have to adapt, whether it’s strategies or coaching philosophies. What have you learned as a coach and what has changed with your strategies or philosophies?

MB: Well I’m more clear than ever that my job is to not have any specific musical preconceptions other than make it dynamic, keep everybody engaged, and give everybody a chance to step up. Really generalized concepts of getting everybody to play fair but also challenge them you know? But the more I am just present in the moment, I think the better it is and the more I get everybody engaged in the whole concept of creating in the moment and being in the moment together. That truly is what makes this unique and what is the beauty of it. So I’m just trying to embody that more and more and more and I’ve definitely got that more and more and more.


You know it’s interesting, I starting to write this thing about EO earlier, kind of like, metaphorically speaking, EO is, and I’m saying this kind of out loud to sort of test the waters a little bit, but it’s a game of group composition through improvisation and the conductor is both referee and coach. I’m kind of playing a number of roles. One is like a volume knob. The other thing I’ll do is I’ll call another play like a coach. I’ll send someone else in. And another thing I’ll do is make sure… Let’s see, what’s the other thing…

CM: Well as you’re leading, and I don’t know if this is where you’re going with this, but it seems like you have the ability to make up certain rules and enforce certain rules as you go along.

MB: Yeah I mean I think what I was going to say was I think the rules are responding to what is going on. Every lineup is different so trying to just respond to the needs of that lineup is one of the crucial pieces.

CM: So you’ve got a north east run, and then you’ve got a couple shows in the California, and a stop in Arkansas, a Colorado stop in November and just kind of browsing the lineups you have some familiar faces and some new players to EO. Is there anyone in particular you’re especially excited to work with for the first time?

MB: You know, just looking at this upcoming lineup, I’m really excited to work with Russ from Trey band. I’ve seen him play a bunch of times and I’m really excited to work with Hash from Theivery Corporation because I’ve seen him play a bunch of times and I don’t know the depth or the full bredth of what they all offer. So I’m excited to see that rhythm section just blossom over three shows. That’s a lot of time to get comfortable and be in this full on improvisational musical state.

Then there’s the whole bluegrass thing in November in Colorado. I’m just excited to sort of mix it up with more of an acoustic bend to it. I’ve done a number like that but it’s got more intent around the acoustic and bluegrass nature than I’ve ever had before. So that’ll be really fun.

I just love to mix it up. People always ask me what kind of music I like and I’m like well, I just like contrast. I don’t like any one kind of music all the time. I want change. I get tired of reggae sometimes and I wanna hear some orchestra, you know? I wanna mix it up. I like contrast, so having a bunch of different lineups out there in front of me gives me all of that.

CM: Now that you’ve been around the country to various cities with EO, an act that requires a lot of audience participation and attention, do you ever notice a difference between audiences in different cities or in different geographical areas?

MB: Overall the audience is now more trained on what the concept is. Even people who haven’t seen it before are coming in with some sort of preconception that you’re gonna get to yell something or that they don’t know what they’re gonna play. They have that kind of idea of it. But still there’s a lot of people who walk in and go what is going on? Who is that guy?

There’s markets like Denver which we play again and again and again because there are just so many musicians coming through there, it’s such a melting pot as it is, it’s such a great place to apply the concept so we’re just constantly mixing it up and the audience is there. They know what to expect in that they don’t know what to expect. They’re ready to play the game.


CM: Then after the new year you’ve got the Jam Cruise…

MB: Yeah I think this is my tenth year doing the Jam Cruise. I might be one year off. But my relationship with Jam Cruise, artistically speaking, is just a perfect place for what I do.

CM: Yeah I imagine it’s a dream having these artists there, trapped, essentially, for the entire time…

MB: Yeah I’ve done it a few different ways. I’ve done a whole lineup where I’ve brought Fishman and Kimock and Jeff Kauffman and that was cool, but very expensive from the promoters stand point because instead of just bringing me you have eight people or something. But now they just kind of bring me and I work with whoever is onboard and we do one big special show that is tied into the greening and the positive legacy thing. You know, the whole cruise industry is questionable at best and I promised early on that I wouldn’t do this unless there was another purpose for me to be there, you know, bringing some light to both the port of call communities that we’re visiting and also the greening attempts and efforts. That some how we’re connected to that and supportive of it was kind of paramount for me to want to be able to do it.  And ever since, that’s exactly why I’m there. We’re connecting EO with that cause.

CM: Yeah you’ve raised well over $100,000 for various non profits you’ve worked with, or so I’ve read, is that number up to date at this point?

MB: You know, it’s definitely more. When we first did this, the majority of the shows were benefit shows. That was a real difficult thing to do to be honest. It wasn’t sustainable for us as a musical creative project. I felt like it was too hard, too difficult, to raise money every single time to raise money for a non-profit, as well as pull off the event. As we started getting hired by festivals, sometimes they already have a non-profit part that they’re raising money for or an awareness component and it’s more just bringing people together for intent. Raising money can be part of it and I’m proud of what we’ve done but it doesn’t have to be exactly the purpose of every show.


CM: So when we spoke after you release the album, you had told me that, in your words, your idea was to do a series where I can move around the nation or the world using mostly regional players from that area just to see what we can create. How’s that going for you?

MB: Well that’s kind of what we’re doing I mean, though, you know I tend to use regional players and then bring some national players and have that kind of be the format. You know, this weekend we’re breaking into a new market. We’ve never played Buffalo. That’ll be interesting to see what comes of it. New York City and Philadelphia have been really kind to us. So it’ll be nice to go back to have a new market but a couple familiar markets too. Like the lineups, a little bit of new and little bit of old.

CM: Any talk of doing another album?

MB: Umm… I’ve just been focused on other things. It wasn’t like a big financial boom. But it’s definitely a huge calling card, still. And it definitely was a huge educational tool to get people on board wit the concept. So, yeah, I’d like to do another record, I’ve just been focusing on the whole performing thing.

Thanks a lot, Matt! Appreciate the time and good look on this stretch!

Check out Matt Butler & the Everyone Orchestra at a festival or city near you and do not miss out on checking him out on the Jam Cruise!!

Oct. 18 – Ozark, AR

Nov. 7 – Denver, CO

Nov. 8 – Ft. Collins, CO

Jan 6-11 – Jam Cruise!!

By Moniker

ARTIST FEATURE: Getting Spooky With Big Gigantic (Interview, Ticket Contest, Tour Preview, And Big GRiZMatik NYE Possibilities)


Getting Spooky with Big Gigantic:

Our friends Dominic Lalli and Jeremy Salkin of Big Gigantic have embarked on yet another tour sprawling across the nation for over 20 dates spreading their huge party sound to mobs of happy crowds. The all new Touch The Sky Tour is sure to be a massive rager. In anticipation for the two Michigan dates on tour, and knowing how busy these guys are, we figured now would be a great time to catch up with Big Gigantic. Luckily, we were able to catch Dom to ask him a few questions about the tour and to commemorate this spooky Halloween season. Read our interview with Dom below and be sure to enter our contest at the bottom for a chance to win a pair of tickets to see Big Gigantic in Detroit at Freaky Deaky!! You can purchase tickets to Freaky Deaky here and you can enter to win free tickets here.

CURATED MUSIC: The all new Touch The Sky Tour comes to Grand Rapids on Friday and Detroit for Freaky Deaky on Oct. 25th. Are you excited to make your return to Michigan with 2 huge October dates??

DOMINIC LALLI: Yeah it’s great to be back in Michigan. We kind of came up here so it’s just awesome to be able to come back and do sort of club shows and stuff like that. I’m excited to do this Freaky Deaky Halloween party at the Masonic Temple, it’s going to be sick. We got Alex coming back out with us for a couple dates, so it’s going to be cool to
have him. We have Manic Focus and MuzzY, it’s going to be a big hang, I’m pretty excited for it.


CM: What are some new highlights that fans can look forward to on the Touch The Sky Tour?

DOM: We have a whole new light rig which is really going to be tight. Just a new look, we like to have a new fresh look for our fans when we come back to town. We’ve been working on a bunch of new music, so trying out a bunch of new stuff as well as breaking into the vault and mixing it up with some old shit every night. So really like doing the whole like… I don’t know man, were just digging into everything. Our live shows been going great, having a great audience response so were just adding to that and capitalizing on that. Since we can do our own show every night, we can really do some different stuff every night. Probably going to be playing a bunch of stuff you haven’t heard in a long time, slash all the stuff you love, slash stuff you’ve never heard before. It’s already shaping up to be the best tour we’ve ever done and it’s cool to have our friends out with us, and you know, just the whole deal, its a great tour.

CM: With Paper Diamond, Manic Focus, and The Floozies on support for this tour, you guys must be anticipating a ton of mischief. Are you excited to be traveling with your close friends for a month?

DOM: Yeah it’s so nice, Jon/Manic Focus, is with us for like the whole tour. He’s just a homey and one of my favorite guys to be on tour with, it’s great to have him out. The Floozies guys we just did Red Rocks with the other weekend, so that was really fun to see them. And we just did Madison Square Garden with Alex so it’s always fun to have the homies out. We kicked off the tour last night and had a great show, it’s just going to be an awesome tour, we’re really excited for this one.

CM: Can you tell me a little bit about the Lil Gs project and how they are making a difference on tour and off?

DOM: Man it’s crazy, they’re just killing it, and not only do they help promote our shows and come out to the shows and all that. You know, they come out to our bigger shows like Red Rocks and stuff like that. They come out and just kind of help fans, they’re party starters, they’re there to help if anyone needs anything. They do all that stuff around the show stuff, and they help promote our upcoming shows and all that stuff. But also, we have this thing called A Big Gigantic Difference, so if they want to be a Lil G, they have to do something to help in their community, something in helping others or help raise money for a good cause or just something like that. We just have a stellar group of people and kids who just love music, they love our music, they love the scene, and are just out there trying to do something cool and something different musically, and in their community. We really have an awesome, awesome group of kids helping out with us, and we couldn’t be more excited to have such a great group. They’re the shit.

CM: Ok so, with a successful Rowdytown 2-night run at Red Rocks, a Bonnaroo Super Jam, dozens of festival performances, a widely successful tour, an amazing studio album The Night Is Young, and Madison Square Garden with Bassnectar already under your belts for this year. AND WITH, the whole Touch The Sky Tour, a slew of festivals, and a headlining slot on the inaugural Mad Decent Boat Party still to come, 2014 has been a busy year for Big Gigantic. Are you excited to keep this party going into 2015? What can we expect beyond the horizon??

DOM: We finish up this tour, we do Mad Decent Boat Party, we are going to go back to Europe and do some stuff in December, were working on that. We’re doing New Year’s at home (Colorado) which is going to be fucking awesome because we’ve never actually done that, doing that Decadence thing. And then, were looking to release another EP at the beginning of the year, late January/early February, already working on that and already starting to get some of the details together for that. I just want to put some more music out more consistently instead of waiting 2 years and putting out another full length, you know, i just want to get some more music out right now, I have some ideas I just want to get out there kind of as soon as possible. So yeah, look out another EP and stuff in the beginning of next year, and another tour in the Spring and all that!

CM: We see GRiZMatik was announce on Decadence also. Is there any chance for you guys to team up for a bit of Big GRiZMatik?

DOM: There is a very good chance of that.

CM: What was your guys’ favorite halloween costume growing up or even recently?

DOM: Last year we did the Fear in Loathing in Las Vegas, that was really fun, and we are currently looking to figure out what the hell we are going to be this year, so let us know. Tell the fans, we need ideas!

CM: Last year in Detroit, I saw a buddy dressed up as Dom from Big Gigantic. How does it feel to be the inspiration for a fans’ Halloween costume?

DOM: It feels pretty special!

CM: If you could only indulge in 1 candy brand for the rest of eternity, what would it be?

DOM: Oooh, maybe snickers.. Could be a snickers. Or that one with the toffee in the middle and the chocolate. Heath bar.

CM: Do you guys like the orange, yellow, or white part of candy corn?

DOM: Oh shit, I like the whole thing. I just want to eat em up. They’re going to rot my teeth but I love them.

CM: Did you put up any Halloween decorations in your home or studio this year?

DOM: I didn’t. I didn’t make it. I never get to celebrate Halloween at my house unfortunately. But at least I get to celebrate it all around the country with random awesome people.

CM: Between you and Jeremy, who’s the better pumpkin carver?

DOM: I don’t know but we’re going to have to find out. We’re going to have a pumpkin carving contest. We actually talked about it last night, so we’re going to find out, but I think it will be a close call, Jeremy is a pretty artistic guy.

CM: Do either of you have any Halloween stories you’d like to share with us?

DOM: One time, we did Halloween in Fayetteville and we we’re Wayne and Garth from Wayne’s World. That was pretty awesome. We got really wasted that night.

CM: Is there anything else you’d like to share with us?

DOM: We are seriously so excited to do this Freaky Deaky thing. It’s going to be our biggest show yet in Detroit and its going to be a fucking party. So, let everyone know were coming and it’s going to be sick. Just stoked to get back. It’s like we didn’t get to do Electric Forest and all that stuff this year so its nice to come back up here and see all of our Michigan fam and throw a proper party like we know how to do with all of you guys.


Thanks guys! We can’t wait to catch up soon.


Big Gigantic on Facebook
Big Gigantic on Twitter

FUNNY: Top 6 Reasons Why Tim Heidecker & Eric Wareheim Are The Funniest Dudes In EDM… Perhaps In All Of Music


Move over Dillon Francis, it’s time to throw some other comedic faces in the “EDM” spotlight. Maybe you know them from their commanding roles on several Adult Swim series, maybe you’ve seen them in a town near you on their recent successful comedy tour, or maybe you know them as the eccentric buddies of Zach Galifianakis and John C Reilly. That’s right, Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim, my favorite comedians and perhaps the silliest contributors to the EDM scene today. Maybe even all of music in general. Between befriending some major DJ hunks and always staying in the dead center of alternative culture, it’s no surprise Tim & Eric pop up consistently in this scene.

Here’s our top 5 reasons why Tim Heidecker & Eric Wareheim are the funniest dudes in EDM:

1. Major Lazer Collabs:

Eric Wareheim has teamed up with Diplo and Major Lazer on a few occasions to provide some insane music video creations from the depths of his twisted mind. Not only did Eric and ML team up, but it was for some of their most popular videos to date, garnishing millions and millions of views. Check them out below:

Major Lazer – “Keep It Goin’ Louder” ft. Nina Sky, Ricky Blaze:

Major Lazer “Pon De Floor”:

Major Lazer – “Bubble Butt” ft. Bruno Mars, 2 Chainz, Tyga & Mystic:

2. Flying Lotus Collabs:

Not only has Eric Wareheim directed and produced an insanely NSFW video for Fly Lo’s “Parisian Goldfish/Dance Floor Dale”, but Flying Lotus also remixed Tim & Eric’s “One For Pep Pep” as shown below:

Flying Lotus – “Parisian Goldfish/Dance Floor Dale”:

Tim & Eric – “One for Pep Pep” (Flying Lotus Remix):

3. DJ Douggpound & The Dutch Boys:

Doug Lussenhop AKA DJ Douggpound serves as editor, writer, musician, and collaborator with Tim & Eric.  He has been touring the world with T&E with his DJ Douggpound project, as well as with Eric Wareheim as The Dutch Boys. Known for their heavy trap beats and fancy dance moves, The Dutch Boys took on Australia a couple years back and are excitingly aboard next month’s Mad Decent Boat Party festival cruise. Check out DJ Douggpound and The Dutch Boys below:

DJ Douggpound DJ Eric Wareheim (The Dutch Boys):


BACKPACKER BUSH by Dutch Boys featuring Twank Star


4. The C-Strut:

I believe this started at Coachella, but regardless, Eric Wareheim and DJ Douggpound are absolutely hysterical with their walking/dancing hybrid move dubbed “The C-Strut” as seen below:

Doin the Coachella Strut (C-strut):


5. Wrong Cops:

Eric Wareheim stared in a movie called ‘Wrong Cops‘ which is directed, produced, and scored by Ed Banger frontman MR. OIZO. (The movie also features Marilyn Manson and a tiny cameo from Diplo). And it’s available on Netflix!! Check out the trailer below:

Wrong Cops Official Trailer:

6. R/D:

Did you know that West-Coast bass producer/DJ and music connoisseur R/D served as the Sound Designer for the first 2 seasons of the Tim & Eric Awesome Show?!?! Now you do!!

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 6.28.47 PM


It’s absolutely worth mentioning that outside of EDM, Tim & Eric have worked with some pretty big musicians like Ben Folds, Depeche Mode, and MGMT, just to name a few. Check out some more music videos below:

Ben Folds – “You Don’t Know Me” ft. Regina Spektor:

Depeche Mode – “Hole to Feed”:

MGMT – “The Youth”:

Oh yeah, AND there’s this hilarious tweet:

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 5.42.33 PMWell we hope you are laughing your asses off and enjoying this compilation of videos as much as I did finding them. Be sure to catch Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim every Thursday night on Adult Swim at 12:15 am with their new series, ‘Tim & Eric’s Bedtime Stories”! GREAT JOB!


How could we forget “Dunngeon” hosted by Richard Dunn and this episode with special guests Dave Navarro and the two international German synthesizer superstar group; Zwei Dunkel Jungen. Watch below: