ARTIST FEATURE: Curated Conversation Vol. 8: Golfing with Golf Clap (Scrt Stsh Edition) [Free 2-hour Mix, Exclusive Shirt Design, and Video Interview]

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Once in a while, there is an act that has it all; the full package. From the studio to the stage, from the golf course to the office, Golf Clap certainly exceeds the full package. Made up of Hugh Cleal and Bryan Jones, Golf Clap formed a couple years back as the result of a friendship and a move to Detroit for Bryan. The fusion was as seamless as velvet and they’re now consumed with tour dates, recording sessions, running their young yet mighty record label Country Club Disco, managing and promoting a full calendar of events at their resident venue The Grasshopper Underground, and fitting in as many shenanigans & tee-times as possible. Taking their sounds across the globe, Golf Clap is sure to be coming to a town near you soon.

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A few months back, we linked Golf Clap with our friends over at Scrt Stsh Clothing to start working on a collaboration together. The design they came up with is terrific and is now available in a variety of options along with a free download of the Scrt Stsh Mix Series Vol. 7: a special 2-hour mix from Golf Clap.

Listen & Download Mix Here:

Purchase Shirts Here


There’s nothing better than taking the day off work and spending a few hours on the golf course. That’s why when we had the opportunity to talk with Golf Clap, we knew we had to hit the links. Below you can check out Curated Conversation Vol. 8: Golfing with Golf Clap, a video interview and feature.

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ARTIST FEATURE: An Interview With Matt Butler Of Everyone Orchestra


We’re branching out a little bit with our latest artist feature, Matt Butler and the Everyone Orchestra. You may not immediately recognize the name Matt Butler. And you may hear “The Everyone Orchestra” and think of some lame children’s orchestra where every kid has a role and no one gets cut. However, I assure you that Matt Butler and the Everyone Orchestra has quickly become the act in the jam band scene. It doesn’t take long into one of their high energy performances to see why, either.

Matt Butler travels the country, showing up at some of the biggest festivals at cities with an ever changing lineup of the biggest names in improvisational rock music. Members of Phish, Trey Anastasio Band, moe., Umphrey’s McGee, The String Cheese Incident, ALO, Tea Leaf Green, Lettuce, Thievery Corporation, and dozens of your other favorite rock/jam bands come together for completely improvised sets, with Matt Butler leading the way as conductor of the whole ordeal. Armed with only a small white board, a dry erase marker, and matching flamboyant jacket and top hat, necessary conductor uniform, Matt gives musicians, and even audience members, instructions for what’s coming next. That’s right, the Everyone Orchestra really means everyone.

Matt Butler and the Everyone Orchestra is taking off on a stretch of shows in the Northeast, hitting Buffalo, Philly and New York, and will hit a number of stops by the end of the year, including Colorado, Arkansas, and California, before kicking off 2015 with his beloved Jam Cruise. Though he’s busy balancing his family and music, he was gracious enough to give us a few minutes of his time this week.


CM: How’s the family, Matt?

MB: It’s good, everything’s good. We’re just kinda getting into the swing of school. It’s kind of my routine now. I take care of the family during the week and then I take off over the weekend to do my music.

CM: Quite the schedule. So a couple years ago at All Good 2012, when we spoke you had mentioned it was tough to do a full blown tour with the Everyone Orchestra because of the energy and logistics that it takes. Now that you’ve been doing it pretty more and more, has it gotten any easier over the last couple years?

MB: Well I think when we last spoke I was just starting to work with my manager and the two of us kind of run the business. We bring different things to the table. It’s easier in the sense that I have a better team around me to pull it off and it’s really just as things have kind of evolved over time, more people are understanding of what we do so it’s become a little bit easier in the sense that they’re more dialed in on what the context is so we don’t have to go all the back to the beginning and how this is different from other super jams you know? I think we’ve had enough mainstage success at a number of festivals that we keep getting phone calls and relationships with the players continues to grow so there’s this stable of musicians who are interested. It’s always ebbing and flowing with who’s available but it’s always been growing as far as who’s interested. With all those things together, though, it’s still a lot of logistics. I mean with three shows, it’s kind of like a mini festival. And we’ve had a number of really successful runs and musically it’s super satisfying to be able to do two sets with the same group of musicians because it just gets better and better as it goes along.

CM: One of the other things you said was you kind of saw your roll on stage with the other musicians is you kind of saw it as a coaching role and you made a lot analogies to your performances to sports. Now any coach will say that from year to year with a changing personnel and a changing game, they have to adapt, whether it’s strategies or coaching philosophies. What have you learned as a coach and what has changed with your strategies or philosophies?

MB: Well I’m more clear than ever that my job is to not have any specific musical preconceptions other than make it dynamic, keep everybody engaged, and give everybody a chance to step up. Really generalized concepts of getting everybody to play fair but also challenge them you know? But the more I am just present in the moment, I think the better it is and the more I get everybody engaged in the whole concept of creating in the moment and being in the moment together. That truly is what makes this unique and what is the beauty of it. So I’m just trying to embody that more and more and more and I’ve definitely got that more and more and more.


You know it’s interesting, I starting to write this thing about EO earlier, kind of like, metaphorically speaking, EO is, and I’m saying this kind of out loud to sort of test the waters a little bit, but it’s a game of group composition through improvisation and the conductor is both referee and coach. I’m kind of playing a number of roles. One is like a volume knob. The other thing I’ll do is I’ll call another play like a coach. I’ll send someone else in. And another thing I’ll do is make sure… Let’s see, what’s the other thing…

CM: Well as you’re leading, and I don’t know if this is where you’re going with this, but it seems like you have the ability to make up certain rules and enforce certain rules as you go along.

MB: Yeah I mean I think what I was going to say was I think the rules are responding to what is going on. Every lineup is different so trying to just respond to the needs of that lineup is one of the crucial pieces.

CM: So you’ve got a north east run, and then you’ve got a couple shows in the California, and a stop in Arkansas, a Colorado stop in November and just kind of browsing the lineups you have some familiar faces and some new players to EO. Is there anyone in particular you’re especially excited to work with for the first time?

MB: You know, just looking at this upcoming lineup, I’m really excited to work with Russ from Trey band. I’ve seen him play a bunch of times and I’m really excited to work with Hash from Theivery Corporation because I’ve seen him play a bunch of times and I don’t know the depth or the full bredth of what they all offer. So I’m excited to see that rhythm section just blossom over three shows. That’s a lot of time to get comfortable and be in this full on improvisational musical state.

Then there’s the whole bluegrass thing in November in Colorado. I’m just excited to sort of mix it up with more of an acoustic bend to it. I’ve done a number like that but it’s got more intent around the acoustic and bluegrass nature than I’ve ever had before. So that’ll be really fun.

I just love to mix it up. People always ask me what kind of music I like and I’m like well, I just like contrast. I don’t like any one kind of music all the time. I want change. I get tired of reggae sometimes and I wanna hear some orchestra, you know? I wanna mix it up. I like contrast, so having a bunch of different lineups out there in front of me gives me all of that.

CM: Now that you’ve been around the country to various cities with EO, an act that requires a lot of audience participation and attention, do you ever notice a difference between audiences in different cities or in different geographical areas?

MB: Overall the audience is now more trained on what the concept is. Even people who haven’t seen it before are coming in with some sort of preconception that you’re gonna get to yell something or that they don’t know what they’re gonna play. They have that kind of idea of it. But still there’s a lot of people who walk in and go what is going on? Who is that guy?

There’s markets like Denver which we play again and again and again because there are just so many musicians coming through there, it’s such a melting pot as it is, it’s such a great place to apply the concept so we’re just constantly mixing it up and the audience is there. They know what to expect in that they don’t know what to expect. They’re ready to play the game.


CM: Then after the new year you’ve got the Jam Cruise…

MB: Yeah I think this is my tenth year doing the Jam Cruise. I might be one year off. But my relationship with Jam Cruise, artistically speaking, is just a perfect place for what I do.

CM: Yeah I imagine it’s a dream having these artists there, trapped, essentially, for the entire time…

MB: Yeah I’ve done it a few different ways. I’ve done a whole lineup where I’ve brought Fishman and Kimock and Jeff Kauffman and that was cool, but very expensive from the promoters stand point because instead of just bringing me you have eight people or something. But now they just kind of bring me and I work with whoever is onboard and we do one big special show that is tied into the greening and the positive legacy thing. You know, the whole cruise industry is questionable at best and I promised early on that I wouldn’t do this unless there was another purpose for me to be there, you know, bringing some light to both the port of call communities that we’re visiting and also the greening attempts and efforts. That some how we’re connected to that and supportive of it was kind of paramount for me to want to be able to do it.  And ever since, that’s exactly why I’m there. We’re connecting EO with that cause.

CM: Yeah you’ve raised well over $100,000 for various non profits you’ve worked with, or so I’ve read, is that number up to date at this point?

MB: You know, it’s definitely more. When we first did this, the majority of the shows were benefit shows. That was a real difficult thing to do to be honest. It wasn’t sustainable for us as a musical creative project. I felt like it was too hard, too difficult, to raise money every single time to raise money for a non-profit, as well as pull off the event. As we started getting hired by festivals, sometimes they already have a non-profit part that they’re raising money for or an awareness component and it’s more just bringing people together for intent. Raising money can be part of it and I’m proud of what we’ve done but it doesn’t have to be exactly the purpose of every show.


CM: So when we spoke after you release the album, you had told me that, in your words, your idea was to do a series where I can move around the nation or the world using mostly regional players from that area just to see what we can create. How’s that going for you?

MB: Well that’s kind of what we’re doing I mean, though, you know I tend to use regional players and then bring some national players and have that kind of be the format. You know, this weekend we’re breaking into a new market. We’ve never played Buffalo. That’ll be interesting to see what comes of it. New York City and Philadelphia have been really kind to us. So it’ll be nice to go back to have a new market but a couple familiar markets too. Like the lineups, a little bit of new and little bit of old.

CM: Any talk of doing another album?

MB: Umm… I’ve just been focused on other things. It wasn’t like a big financial boom. But it’s definitely a huge calling card, still. And it definitely was a huge educational tool to get people on board wit the concept. So, yeah, I’d like to do another record, I’ve just been focusing on the whole performing thing.

Thanks a lot, Matt! Appreciate the time and good look on this stretch!

Check out Matt Butler & the Everyone Orchestra at a festival or city near you and do not miss out on checking him out on the Jam Cruise!!

Oct. 18 – Ozark, AR

Nov. 7 – Denver, CO

Nov. 8 – Ft. Collins, CO

Jan 6-11 – Jam Cruise!!

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ARTIST FEATURE: Getting Spooky With Big Gigantic (Interview, Ticket Contest, Tour Preview, And Big GRiZMatik NYE Possibilities)


Getting Spooky with Big Gigantic:

Our friends Dominic Lalli and Jeremy Salkin of Big Gigantic have embarked on yet another tour sprawling across the nation for over 20 dates spreading their huge party sound to mobs of happy crowds. The all new Touch The Sky Tour is sure to be a massive rager. In anticipation for the two Michigan dates on tour, and knowing how busy these guys are, we figured now would be a great time to catch up with Big Gigantic. Luckily, we were able to catch Dom to ask him a few questions about the tour and to commemorate this spooky Halloween season. Read our interview with Dom below and be sure to enter our contest at the bottom for a chance to win a pair of tickets to see Big Gigantic in Detroit at Freaky Deaky!! You can purchase tickets to Freaky Deaky here and you can enter to win free tickets here.

CURATED MUSIC: The all new Touch The Sky Tour comes to Grand Rapids on Friday and Detroit for Freaky Deaky on Oct. 25th. Are you excited to make your return to Michigan with 2 huge October dates??

DOMINIC LALLI: Yeah it’s great to be back in Michigan. We kind of came up here so it’s just awesome to be able to come back and do sort of club shows and stuff like that. I’m excited to do this Freaky Deaky Halloween party at the Masonic Temple, it’s going to be sick. We got Alex coming back out with us for a couple dates, so it’s going to be cool to
have him. We have Manic Focus and MuzzY, it’s going to be a big hang, I’m pretty excited for it.


CM: What are some new highlights that fans can look forward to on the Touch The Sky Tour?

DOM: We have a whole new light rig which is really going to be tight. Just a new look, we like to have a new fresh look for our fans when we come back to town. We’ve been working on a bunch of new music, so trying out a bunch of new stuff as well as breaking into the vault and mixing it up with some old shit every night. So really like doing the whole like… I don’t know man, were just digging into everything. Our live shows been going great, having a great audience response so were just adding to that and capitalizing on that. Since we can do our own show every night, we can really do some different stuff every night. Probably going to be playing a bunch of stuff you haven’t heard in a long time, slash all the stuff you love, slash stuff you’ve never heard before. It’s already shaping up to be the best tour we’ve ever done and it’s cool to have our friends out with us, and you know, just the whole deal, its a great tour.

CM: With Paper Diamond, Manic Focus, and The Floozies on support for this tour, you guys must be anticipating a ton of mischief. Are you excited to be traveling with your close friends for a month?

DOM: Yeah it’s so nice, Jon/Manic Focus, is with us for like the whole tour. He’s just a homey and one of my favorite guys to be on tour with, it’s great to have him out. The Floozies guys we just did Red Rocks with the other weekend, so that was really fun to see them. And we just did Madison Square Garden with Alex so it’s always fun to have the homies out. We kicked off the tour last night and had a great show, it’s just going to be an awesome tour, we’re really excited for this one.

CM: Can you tell me a little bit about the Lil Gs project and how they are making a difference on tour and off?

DOM: Man it’s crazy, they’re just killing it, and not only do they help promote our shows and come out to the shows and all that. You know, they come out to our bigger shows like Red Rocks and stuff like that. They come out and just kind of help fans, they’re party starters, they’re there to help if anyone needs anything. They do all that stuff around the show stuff, and they help promote our upcoming shows and all that stuff. But also, we have this thing called A Big Gigantic Difference, so if they want to be a Lil G, they have to do something to help in their community, something in helping others or help raise money for a good cause or just something like that. We just have a stellar group of people and kids who just love music, they love our music, they love the scene, and are just out there trying to do something cool and something different musically, and in their community. We really have an awesome, awesome group of kids helping out with us, and we couldn’t be more excited to have such a great group. They’re the shit.

CM: Ok so, with a successful Rowdytown 2-night run at Red Rocks, a Bonnaroo Super Jam, dozens of festival performances, a widely successful tour, an amazing studio album The Night Is Young, and Madison Square Garden with Bassnectar already under your belts for this year. AND WITH, the whole Touch The Sky Tour, a slew of festivals, and a headlining slot on the inaugural Mad Decent Boat Party still to come, 2014 has been a busy year for Big Gigantic. Are you excited to keep this party going into 2015? What can we expect beyond the horizon??

DOM: We finish up this tour, we do Mad Decent Boat Party, we are going to go back to Europe and do some stuff in December, were working on that. We’re doing New Year’s at home (Colorado) which is going to be fucking awesome because we’ve never actually done that, doing that Decadence thing. And then, were looking to release another EP at the beginning of the year, late January/early February, already working on that and already starting to get some of the details together for that. I just want to put some more music out more consistently instead of waiting 2 years and putting out another full length, you know, i just want to get some more music out right now, I have some ideas I just want to get out there kind of as soon as possible. So yeah, look out another EP and stuff in the beginning of next year, and another tour in the Spring and all that!

CM: We see GRiZMatik was announce on Decadence also. Is there any chance for you guys to team up for a bit of Big GRiZMatik?

DOM: There is a very good chance of that.

CM: What was your guys’ favorite halloween costume growing up or even recently?

DOM: Last year we did the Fear in Loathing in Las Vegas, that was really fun, and we are currently looking to figure out what the hell we are going to be this year, so let us know. Tell the fans, we need ideas!

CM: Last year in Detroit, I saw a buddy dressed up as Dom from Big Gigantic. How does it feel to be the inspiration for a fans’ Halloween costume?

DOM: It feels pretty special!

CM: If you could only indulge in 1 candy brand for the rest of eternity, what would it be?

DOM: Oooh, maybe snickers.. Could be a snickers. Or that one with the toffee in the middle and the chocolate. Heath bar.

CM: Do you guys like the orange, yellow, or white part of candy corn?

DOM: Oh shit, I like the whole thing. I just want to eat em up. They’re going to rot my teeth but I love them.

CM: Did you put up any Halloween decorations in your home or studio this year?

DOM: I didn’t. I didn’t make it. I never get to celebrate Halloween at my house unfortunately. But at least I get to celebrate it all around the country with random awesome people.

CM: Between you and Jeremy, who’s the better pumpkin carver?

DOM: I don’t know but we’re going to have to find out. We’re going to have a pumpkin carving contest. We actually talked about it last night, so we’re going to find out, but I think it will be a close call, Jeremy is a pretty artistic guy.

CM: Do either of you have any Halloween stories you’d like to share with us?

DOM: One time, we did Halloween in Fayetteville and we we’re Wayne and Garth from Wayne’s World. That was pretty awesome. We got really wasted that night.

CM: Is there anything else you’d like to share with us?

DOM: We are seriously so excited to do this Freaky Deaky thing. It’s going to be our biggest show yet in Detroit and its going to be a fucking party. So, let everyone know were coming and it’s going to be sick. Just stoked to get back. It’s like we didn’t get to do Electric Forest and all that stuff this year so its nice to come back up here and see all of our Michigan fam and throw a proper party like we know how to do with all of you guys.


Thanks guys! We can’t wait to catch up soon.


Big Gigantic on Facebook
Big Gigantic on Twitter

FUNNY: Top 6 Reasons Why Tim Heidecker & Eric Wareheim Are The Funniest Dudes In EDM… Perhaps In All Of Music


Move over Dillon Francis, it’s time to throw some other comedic faces in the “EDM” spotlight. Maybe you know them from their commanding roles on several Adult Swim series, maybe you’ve seen them in a town near you on their recent successful comedy tour, or maybe you know them as the eccentric buddies of Zach Galifianakis and John C Reilly. That’s right, Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim, my favorite comedians and perhaps the silliest contributors to the EDM scene today. Maybe even all of music in general. Between befriending some major DJ hunks and always staying in the dead center of alternative culture, it’s no surprise Tim & Eric pop up consistently in this scene.

Here’s our top 5 reasons why Tim Heidecker & Eric Wareheim are the funniest dudes in EDM:

1. Major Lazer Collabs:

Eric Wareheim has teamed up with Diplo and Major Lazer on a few occasions to provide some insane music video creations from the depths of his twisted mind. Not only did Eric and ML team up, but it was for some of their most popular videos to date, garnishing millions and millions of views. Check them out below:

Major Lazer – “Keep It Goin’ Louder” ft. Nina Sky, Ricky Blaze:

Major Lazer “Pon De Floor”:

Major Lazer – “Bubble Butt” ft. Bruno Mars, 2 Chainz, Tyga & Mystic:

2. Flying Lotus Collabs:

Not only has Eric Wareheim directed and produced an insanely NSFW video for Fly Lo’s “Parisian Goldfish/Dance Floor Dale”, but Flying Lotus also remixed Tim & Eric’s “One For Pep Pep” as shown below:

Flying Lotus – “Parisian Goldfish/Dance Floor Dale”:

Tim & Eric – “One for Pep Pep” (Flying Lotus Remix):

3. DJ Douggpound & The Dutch Boys:

Doug Lussenhop AKA DJ Douggpound serves as editor, writer, musician, and collaborator with Tim & Eric.  He has been touring the world with T&E with his DJ Douggpound project, as well as with Eric Wareheim as The Dutch Boys. Known for their heavy trap beats and fancy dance moves, The Dutch Boys took on Australia a couple years back and are excitingly aboard next month’s Mad Decent Boat Party festival cruise. Check out DJ Douggpound and The Dutch Boys below:

DJ Douggpound DJ Eric Wareheim (The Dutch Boys):


BACKPACKER BUSH by Dutch Boys featuring Twank Star


4. The C-Strut:

I believe this started at Coachella, but regardless, Eric Wareheim and DJ Douggpound are absolutely hysterical with their walking/dancing hybrid move dubbed “The C-Strut” as seen below:

Doin the Coachella Strut (C-strut):


5. Wrong Cops:

Eric Wareheim stared in a movie called ‘Wrong Cops‘ which is directed, produced, and scored by Ed Banger frontman MR. OIZO. (The movie also features Marilyn Manson and a tiny cameo from Diplo). And it’s available on Netflix!! Check out the trailer below:

Wrong Cops Official Trailer:

6. R/D:

Did you know that West-Coast bass producer/DJ and music connoisseur R/D served as the Sound Designer for the first 2 seasons of the Tim & Eric Awesome Show?!?! Now you do!!

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 6.28.47 PM


It’s absolutely worth mentioning that outside of EDM, Tim & Eric have worked with some pretty big musicians like Ben Folds, Depeche Mode, and MGMT, just to name a few. Check out some more music videos below:

Ben Folds – “You Don’t Know Me” ft. Regina Spektor:

Depeche Mode – “Hole to Feed”:

MGMT – “The Youth”:

Oh yeah, AND there’s this hilarious tweet:

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 5.42.33 PMWell we hope you are laughing your asses off and enjoying this compilation of videos as much as I did finding them. Be sure to catch Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim every Thursday night on Adult Swim at 12:15 am with their new series, ‘Tim & Eric’s Bedtime Stories”! GREAT JOB!


TOUR ALERT: PLM Keepin It Crew Tour Kicks Off East Coast Run




The Pretty Lights Music Crew of Michal Menert, Paul Basic, Eliot Lipp, and Supervision, had a much needed day off from their intense fall tour schedule Monday. Unfortunately, they had to spend it in Pittsburgh. It’s cool, I’m from Philadelphia, I can say that. But lucky for us, their brief stint in Steel Hell, USA (okay, that might’ve been a little harsh. Much love to my western PA fam) signals the beginning of a much welcome East Coast stretch. The tour will play a strenuous 11 shows in 9 states in just 12 days.

Please be kind to them. Take them baked goods. Offer up your homes, couches, beds, futons. They’re fabulous cooks. Offer up your kitchen. They’ll make you some grub for tickets, I bet. In fact, the food will probably be too good to be called grub. You’ll want to call it cuisine.


We touted them as a tour not to miss for a good reason. From what we’ve heard, they’ve been tearin it up in the midwest. The East Coast stretch kicked off in State College last night (creative name of the town Penn State University calls home) and tickets are going fast for the entire tour, but if you’re in PA, VT, MA, NY, MD, VA, NC, SC, or GA, your stop is coming up soon so get on it! Check out Michal Menert’s facebook page for ticket giveaways for the run.

If you’re less confident in your luck, tickets are still available here.

Oh and if you’re catching the crew in Baltimore on Sunday night, come say hi!

While you’re here, you might wanna check out this dope (are kids still saying dope?) new track from Menert and Lipp:

ARTIST FEATURE: Keepin’ it in the Family: An Interview with Matt Hill of The Floozies



Brothers Matt and Mark Hill of the electro-funk duo The Floozies have been making their way across the country for a couple years now and are currently wrapping up their first major national tour with upcoming stops in Richmond, New York, Philly, and Baltimore.  We last caught up with the funk brothers in March to and now, Matt was kind enough to take a few minutes out of his day to talk life on the road, Wizard of Oz, Back to the Future, Subway, and even staph infections. Yeah, we hit a lot of topics.

CM: You’re in the middle of a pretty hefty tour schedule, do you even know what state you’re in right now?

Matt: Well, we’re on our way to Richmond right now for a show tomorrow night… *yawns*

CM: The road is takin a lot out of you, huh?

Matt: Yeah man. We have a day off today. We’re using it to get as much stuff done as we can. We have like a nine hour drive.

CM: What kind of support do you have with you when you tour? What’s your crew like?

Matt: Well we actually have a fancy Sprinter van for this one we have us, our tour manager and two lighting guys, actually.

CM: Every time I talk to a fan of the Floozies, people who go to your shows and check out your sets at festivals and stuff, the one thing they talk about his how cool your mom is.

Matt: (Laughs) Oh yeah?

CM: Yeah, tell me about your mom and her influence on you and Mark.

Matt: Well, she’s just a really nice person. A really good person. But on top of that, she’s also a really talented baton twirler. She twirls fire and stuff. I mean she’s pretty much better than anyone we’ve ever seen. I mean, she was a baton twirler for her college marching band and she was the one who originally turned us on to Funk when we were little. We used to listen to all that stuff, you know, Aretha Franklin, Earth, Wind & Fire, and all of that.

CM: So did she encourage you guys to take up your instruments?

Matt: No actually I started playing guitar because I saw Back to the Future and Michael J. Fox doin’ Johnny B. Goode at the end I thought was really cool.


CM: That might be the best reason I’ve ever heard anyone give for picking up the guitar.

Matt: Yeah and it’s true. I spent like a year trying to learn how to play it on like a plastic guitar with one string before they finally broke down and bought me a real one.

CM: And what brought Mark to play drums?

Matt: He just wants to be like me but he picked a different instrument.

CM: Once you guys started playing music together, did you think it would ever get this far? Was it always your dream to be professional musicians?

Matt: Yeah, we always did. We never really had a back up plan. When I went to college I experimented with different majors but I always ended up coming back to music. Then we got a couple of Colorado gig offers and Mark dropped out of college to go on tour.

CM: Yeah you guys had a little bit of fear about staying in Lawrence  so you moved to Colorado, right?

Matt: Yeah, we moved to Colorado for a year. We lived in Denver, actually. You know, it was cool. It’s a really cool place. It’s just, to be honest, we missed our family too much. It’s like you move out there and you meet new people but it’s just not the same as your life long friends and mom and dad and stuff.

CM: So what does it take to grow up and live in a city like Lawrence, not necessarily known for its major performing artists and try to make it there? What’s it take for someone like you guys to do what you’ve done?

wizMatt: I don’t really know how to answer that because I don’t really have anything to compare it to. That’s just been our life, you know? That’s where we’re from. I guess it took a while. Like, sometimes people think that we’re a country band and they make jokes about the Wizard of Oz, which is just the stupidest thing ever. But Kansas City and Lawrence have been really good to us. I don’t know what it’s like to start a band in new York, but the one good thing about it is we kind of run shit out there, ya know?

Like one of our management companies is also one of the biggest promoters out there so we’re on really good terms with them, obviously. We get to do all kinds of fun shows. We got to do Funk Street this past summer. That was the biggest show we’ve ever thrown at an outdoor venue. We get to do that once a year now, so that’s really cool. We get to do a lot of things that would be harder if you were from a bigger city with more competition. But Lawrence is great. It’s a really fertile, musical town. And Kansas City has a great musical history so it’s not like they sucked before we started. There’s a lot of really great different sized venues and they’re all pretty nice, you know? I don’t know that every town has that.


CM: I once took a friend to see you guys live. He isn’t into electronic at all. He’s a classically trained jazz musician. He plays the saxophone. Yet, when I took him to see you guys he was completely blown away. Loved the show. What do you think it is about your music that can attract those kinds of musicians and fans who have absolutely no previous interest in electronic music?

Matt: Well, you know, I’m also one of those guys. You know, I’ve played Jazz. I’ve done all kinds of crazy arrangements like that. And I learned… and I guess I should get back into it, but I used to just learn people’s solos from start to finish. Like Pat Martino, and George Benson and other Kansas City guys. I think a lot of that stuff comes through when I’m playing. Actually, I quote Pat Martino  a lot. He plays a lot of licks I really like. I don’t know if that registers with people on a conscious level or not. Maybe just some of the tonalities are familiar, I guess.

CM: So obviously your musical interests and stylings have changed a lot in your life. Where do you see the Floozies in the next five years?

Matt: I don’t know, that’s a good question. Hopefully selling out Red Rocks as a headliner. And hopefully not getting fat from life on the road.

CM: No time to exercise out there?

Matt: Yeah and you know, gas station food. We’re at a gas station right now. I think I’m gonna get Subway because at least that has some vegetables.

CM: What’s the hardest part about being on the road all the time?

Matt: The health thing, for sure. You never got good sleep, you inevitably have one too many hard party nights and it catches up with you. Booze, the food, you know, trying to get something that’s real food, something with nutritional content ya know? It’s so hard.

CM: Favorite festival?

Matt: I don’t know, I kinda like ‘em all. It’s hard to compare them because every place is different and cool in its own way.

CM: Any one particular performance that you’ve had that’s stood out though?

Matt: Yeah our set at Hudson Project, I was really proud of that one. And Summer Set. I had been in the hospital and just gotten out that morning and I got to unleash the dragon on stage.

CM: What were you in the hospital for?

Matt: I got a staph infection in my blood. I got like an infected spider bite and it got into my vain and got me really sick.

CM: Yeah staph is no joke.

Matt: Yeah, apparently it can kill you.

CM: I had a coach who lost his leg from it.

Matt: Man if I would’ve lost my arm I really would’ve been screwed.

CM: Well I think I can speak for all of us that we’re all glad you didn’t. Thanks for taking the time for us Matt and enjoy the last part of your tour!

You can catch the Floozies still on tour with new added dates!

Sep. 17 – New York, NY
Sep. 18 – Philadelphia, PA
Sep. 19 – Cambridge, MA
Sep. 20 – Baltimore, MD
Sep. 26 – Red Rocks, CO
Oct. 11 – Kansas City, MO
Oct. 30 – St. Paul, MN
Oct. 31 – Tulsa, OK
Nov. 1 – Little Rock, AR
Nov. 6 – Tuscaloosa, AL
Nov. 7 – Knoxville, TN
Nov. 8 – Nashville, TN
Nov. 9 – Carbondale, IL
Nov. 13 – Oxford, MS
Nov. 14 – Live Oak, FL
Nov. 15 – Pensacola, FL
Nov. 18 – Baton Rouge, LA
Nov. 21 – Austin, TX
Nov. 22 – Dallas, TX

Watch The Floozies – “Love, Sex, and Fancy Things” (summer recap) video:

And check out the Floozies all over the interwebs:

By Moniker

EVENT PREVIEW: 10 Fall/Winter Tours to Cure Your Post-Festival Season Blues



The weather is starting to cool down a bit after a scorching hot Summer Festival Season for a lot of us. We all had our favorites. Summer Camp, Waka, Shambala, Mysteryland, North Coast, Hudson (lol jk). They will all forever hold a special place in our hearts. But they’re over. In the past. Time to move on. No drunk dialing your ex’s. Just move on to that rebound. Get yourself some strange ass and have a hot and heavy one night stand.

And boy do I have 10 Fall/Winter tours for you that are going to make you forget all about camping, camelbaks, and cashless systems.


10. Savoy “Mo Lasers Mo Problems” Tour featuring Bright Lights. Because Lasers. These guys have been playing bigger and bigger venues for the last few years and their live production is nothing short of a spectacle. They’ll surely highlight their 2014 album “Predator,” an album just made for lasers in a dark smokey room. If you like drum and bass music, be sure to catch these guys when they tear up a town near you now through mid-November.

9. Skrillex Fall Tour. Stop. Before you say anything, just stop. If you’re sitting there thinking how “basic” I am for this pick or if you think ya boi Sonny is a one trick bro-step pony then you haven’t been paying attention for the last year. Recess was scary good and his Mothership Tour this past Summer made people realize that dubstep may not have the draw it had when it was fresh, but Skrillex is so much more anyway. His high energy, genre clashing sets have everyone talking and his Fall tour, accompanied by Big G, GTA and others is hitting a city near you and you better be there. Beem yourself up, Scotty.


8. Odesza’s “In Return” Tour. Supporting their latest studio effort, “In Return,” these Northwest up and comers have been hitting the festivals, supporting major tours and even headlining at smaller clubs across the country all building up to their biggest headlining tour yet. If you haven’t gotten a chance to catch Odesza live yet, their headlining tour would probably be the place to do it. Their sets are usually non-stop tunes that will truly entrance any listener and get them moving on the dance floor, whether they want to or not.


7. Dillon Francis’ “Money Sucks Friends Rule” Tour. Yada yada sell out blah blah getting a can to the face drama, Dillon Francis tends to attract all the gossip from an immature EDM fanbase, but his talents as a producer and DJ should not be overlooked just because he finds himself on the losing end of everything that’s wrong with the electronic music community. This major headlining tour has Francis playing larger venues than any previous solo shows in support of his first studio album distributed with the help of a major record label. The irony of the name “Money Sucks Friends Rule” tour is not lost on this writer. Still, Dillon continues to put on one of the best live shows out there, and with support from TJR, if he’s stopping anywhere near you, you should probably head over.

6. Lettuce. Because everyone loves funk. You need the funk. And there is no more funkier act out right now than Lettuce. So many acts these days rely on stage production, and there’s not necessarily anything wrong with that, but if you’re looking for a show that relies strictly on the group’s musical talent and musical entertainment value, Lettuce is it. Jesus saves but Deitch shreds.

5. Run The Jewels (2). Plans for the sophomore album from the Killer Mike & El-P project have just been released along with plans for a Fall Tour. The first release and tour from these two was out of the world with energy that is pretty hard to match. A unique show, the duo brings it every time and any hip hop head would be remiss to not show up.

4. STS9. After some time off following a little bit of a lineup change, STS9 has proven themselves to be back and seemingly without missing a step. Having played several festivals this summer and a sold out run at the legendary Red Rocks, these, dare I say, Jamtronica heavy hitters are ready to melt your faces indoors this Fall.


3. Pretty Lights Music Keepin’ it Crew Tour. Perhaps Michal Menert constantly getting overlooked and left off most major Summer festivals could really be a blessing in disguise. He’s certainly kept busy, starting his own label, Super Best Records with friends Krooked Drivers, Late Night Radio and others, as well as planning a massive PLM fall tour with his homies Eliot Lipp, Supervision, and Paul Basic. If you’re tired of the BS of mainstream electronic music and want to see some passion on the stage, this is the tour for you. If you’re going to take a risk and see any artist on this list for the first time, make it Menert. He will not disappoint. You’ll probably even be able to catch him wandering about the crowd with a drink taking pictures with friends and fans. If you’re lucky (or have equipment and a couch to crash on) he may even play a sweet after party at your place.

String Cheese 2014 500x500

2. String Cheese Incident. First studio album in 9 years? Check. Biggest tour since reuniting 5 years ago? Check. First time playing several East Coast spots in almost 10 years? Check. This tour is a no brainer. Don’t act like you haven’t been missing cheese. Eoto is great and all, but give me some cheese!


1. Bassnectar’s Noise Vs. Beauty Tour. Because, well, Bassnectar. Don’t miss out. Especially his Basscenter show at Madison Square Garden. Don’t be a fool, wrap your tool. And see Bassnectar live.

If you’ve got dough left over, you should also check out:

The Floozies “Back On It” Tour
Creature Carnival featuring Beats Antique, Emancipator, Shpongle and Lafa Taylor.
Atmosphere’s “North of Hell” Tour
Safe in Sound Festival ft. Flux Pavilion, Adventure Club and more
Marco Benevento
The Werks vs. Zoogma Tour
Big Gigantic Touch The Sky Tour

tumblr_mhgm1mSISn1r7oodbo1_500By: Moniker


NEW RELEASE: Freddy Todd – “Golden Tremendous” (9-Track Album Out Now On Lowtemp) [FREE Download]



Guess who’s back with yet another proper installation into his catalog of smashing albums. That’s right, it’s the production horse Freddy Todd and his newest baby is a masterpiece to say the least. Culminating over the past year or so, Golden Tremendous, the 9-track studio album out now on Gramatik’s Lowtemp record label, spans across the list of genres and barrels past into a sound all in it’s own. Freddy Todd has created nine songs that individually and collectively showcase his abilities to build a style that is truly innovative and futuristic. Packed with synthesizers designed to seek extra terrestrials, and kicks that would flatter any car’s system, Golden Tremendous is a big one.

The album opens with the funky tune “Fastenator, Get Up” that brings the classic F.T sound back into our lives instantly with the simple press of the play button. From there, Freddy carries us into “Let Me (Awesome)” and a single from the album, “TimeBeings” featuring the horns of Lowtemp labelmate Russ Liquid. Then there’s “The Jestler”, an inspiring, beautiful ballad featuring piano chords and a broken beat that makes you ponder the world (what else is out there, how did we get here, and what’s next???). It’s there when Freddy Todd reintroduces us to his future funk sound on “Tread Jello”, an energetic and sub heavy track.

My favorite tune off the album is “Infinitesimal”. The tune is very hard not to vibe to. Featuring a kinetic synth line, the tune put’s you on an electric ride through Tron’s grid and into Freddy Todd’s intergalactic brain. Woah.

The album concludes with a perfectly re-mastered version of his tune “Wave Therapy” and another glitched out hit “Glove Coast Cruise Control”. All in all, Golden Tremendous is a 10 in my book and will easily stay in the front of my listening rotation for quite some time. Better yet, the album is FREE to download direct from Freddy’s website: 

Be sure to show some support and share the album with EVERYONE! Much love and enjoy the new tunes!

LISTEN & DOWNLOAD: Freddy Todd ‘Golden Tremendous’ on Soundcloud:

Freddy Todd on Facebook
Freddy Todd on Twitter

CONTEST: Win Tickets To See EOTO & Luminox At The Crofoot On Sept. 25th (ENTER HERE)



If you are a fan of bass music, jamtronic, electro, or basically any genre of music under the sun, than it’s a sure thing that you’ll get down to EOTO. The two piece, all-improvisation electro band has created a sound and energy unique to only them. The two String Cheese Incident percussionists have traveled the globe with their EOTO project, and on September 25th, the intense, energy packed live EOTO set comes to The Crofoot in Pontiac, Michigan. You can purchase tickets here or you can enter in our contest below for a FREE PAIR of tickets to see the bass charged duo. Good luck, we hope to see you there!



FESTY NEWS: 11th Annual Decibel International Festival Of Electronic Music Hits Seattle September 24th-28th (Our Top 3 Favorite Showcases)



The scene is set in Seattle. The music is a broad spectrum of electronic innovators up & coming and legends alike. The event is the 11th annual Decibel Festival, and it’s returning to it’s fitting Seattle home this September 24th-28th. Boasting a lineup featuring big dogs like Richie Hawtin & Pete Tong, plus crowd favorites like Paper Diamond, Soul Clap, Chet Faker, & Martyn, Decibel has once again curated quite the impressive & eclectic lineup for their 2014 programming. Truly one-of-a-kind, Decibel Festival is sprawled across 5 nights in 12+ venues throughout the city with a large emphasis on the audio/visual components of each production. From the nightclub, to the theater, to a bumping boat party, Decibel offers surprises around every corner.


With a lineup as huge as Decibel’s (well over 100 performers from almost 20 countries), it’s really tough to play favorites but below are the top 3 sets we WOULD NOT miss under any circumstance. 


3. Hot Creations Showcase with Lee Foss feat. Anabel Englund @ EMP Level 3 on Saturday
What could be better than a hot creations party in the middle of Decibel Festival?! Lee Foss always brings a huge party for his sets and with the addition of Anabel Englund, things are about to get real… Sexyyy! Don’t miss this!


2. Resident Advisor Showcase with Kaytranada & Lunice @ EMP Level 3 on Wednesday
This is the Resident Advisor showcase and it’s hotttter than the sun! Featuring the two Montreal natives, things are about to get real for this one. We’d have to hope that a little B2B action might just happen! Fingers crossed.


1. Crew Love Showcase with Soul Clap, Wolf + Lamb, & Nick Monaco @ Q Nightclub on Friday
Well, the only way to prep for a Hot Creations party on Saturday is to attend the Crew Love showcase on Friday! This is almost guaranteed to be the hottest music of the week. Expect to dance.

Richie Hawtin & Friends @ EMP Sky Church on Saturday
Friends of Friends Showcase with Salva, Nadastrom, Groundislava, and Deru + Effixx @ The Crocodile on Sunday
Bass Cadets 1 with Paper Diamond, Keys N Krates, gLAdiator, and Thugli @ Showbox Sodo on Friday
All Gone Pete Tong with Pete Tong, Tensnake, and ISIS Graham @ Q Nightclub on Sunday

2014 Lineup (In alphabetical order):
!!! DJs, 1979 feat Deru + Effixx, Alice Boman, Ana Sia, Andy Stott, Anna Lunoe, Anthony Parasole, Arca + Jesse Kanda, ASC, Atom, Avalon Emerson, Baryonyx, Baths, Bgeezy, Black Asteroid, Blue Hawaii, BRAIDS, Brian Lyons, Chet Faker, Christopher Wilits, Claptone, Clean Bandit, Cock & Swan, Com Truise, Demdike Stare, Denise & Pika, Deru, DJ Spinn, DJAO, Douglas Dare, Eden Hagos, Etdemin, El Ten Eleven, FaltyDL, Fluxion, gLAdiator, Greg Gives Peter Space, Groundislava feat. Rare Times, Guti, Hanssen, Isis Graham, J Alvarez, Jacaszek, Jamie McCue, Jon Roberts, JusMoni, Kangding Ray, Kastle, Kaytranada, Keys N Krates, Kid Smpl, Kim Ann Foxman, KiNK feat. Rachel Raw, Kode9, Kraddy, Kris Moon, Lauren Lane, Lee Burridge, Lee Foss feat. Anabel Englund, Letherette, Lindstrom, Loscil, Luke Mandola, Lunice, Lusine, Made In Heights, Manatee Commune, Marcel Dettmann, Martyn, Matrixxman, Max Cooper, Midnight Magic, Milie & Andrea, Mimosa, MK, Murcof + Simon Geifus [Antivj], Nadastrom, Natasha Kmeto + Effixx, Nick Monaco, Nordic Soul, Oneohtrix Point Never + Nate Boyce, Paper Diamond, Patrick Topping, Pete Tong, Pezzner, Recondite, Richie Hawtin, Rival Consoles, Robert Babicz, Rone, Rrose, Sabota, Salva, Sango, Sassmouth, Scratcha DVA, Scuba, Sean Majors, Segue, Shadow Child, Simian Mobile Disco, Slow Year, Son Lux, Soul Clap, South London Ordinance, Splatinum, Steffi, Survive, Sweater Beats, Ten Walls, Tensnake, The Sight Below, Thugli, Tokimonsta, Tomas Jirku, Total Freedom, Taso, Vatican Shadow, Vox Mod, Waldo, WIFE, Wolf + Lamb, Young Marco, Yppah